Development Office

Lyons, Jim
Vice President for University Relations
1-408-551-1691 contact form
O'Mahony, Carol
Assistant to Vice President, University Relations
1-408-551-1691 contact form
Alves, Deanna
Raiser's Edge Senior System Administrator
1-408-554-4975 contact form
Ament, Maribeth
Sr. Data Processor, Gift Processing
1-408-554-6975 contact form
Amrine, Stefan
Donor Relations Writer
1-408-554-4974 contact form
Britt, Erne
Sr. Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-2108 contact form
Calderon, Nancy Trish
Associate Vice President for Development
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Calvano, Valerie
Sr. Data Processor, Gift Processing
1-408-554-4994 contact form
Castaneda-Liles, Josef
Senior Associate Director, Prospect Research
1-408-554-4976 contact form
Chang, Caroline
Associate Vice President for Advancement Services - University Relations
1-408-554-5360 contact form
Do, Eric
Financial Manager
1-408-554-5280 contact form
Forsythe, Jackie
Executive Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations
Fowler, Selena
Application Specialist
1-408-551-3416 contact form
Fullerton, Liz
Direct Appeal Coordinator
1-408-554-4947 contact form
Glynn, Liz Gallegos
Director, Gift Planning
1-408-554-5595 contact form
Graebe, Cynthia
Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4992 contact form
Hendricks, Matthew
Director, Foundation Relations
1-408-554-2787 contact form
Leonetti, Leslie
Class Giving Officer
1-408-554-5740 contact form
Lerner, Casey
Executive Director for Annual Giving
1-408-554-2352 contact form
McGriff, Lorraine
Director, Gift and Records
1-408-554-5425 contact form
Milobar, Laura
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Stocks
1-408-554-6976 contact form
Mui, Karen
Associate Director, Prospect Research
1-408-551-7005 contact form
Munro, Kim
Raiser's Edge Programmer/Analyst
1-408-554-4973 contact form
Nguyen, Vivian
Sr. Data Processor, Gift Processing
1-408-551-7137 contact form
Nicholson, Katherine
Assistant Director, Student and Young Alumni Giving
1-408-554-6852 contact form
Orvick, Jan
Sr. Administrative Assistant
1-408-551-3080 contact form
Pedroza, Natasha
Director of Reunion Giving
1-408-551-7077 contact form
Quinn, Tiffany
Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-551-3130 contact form
Rasmussen, Kirsten
Director, Donor Relations
1-408-551-3137 contact form
Riechers, Danny
Associate Director, Prospect Research
1-408-551-3132 contact form
Robinson, Kendra Kliesen
Class Giving Officer
1-408-551-3344 contact form
Rohrer, Katie
Executive Director for Development
1-408-551-6091 contact form
Salazar, Patricia
Class Giving Officer
1-408-551-1622 contact form
Shaw, Christi
Assistant Director, Direct Appeal
1-408-554-6824 contact form
Shoven, Meghan
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
1-408-554-3442 contact form
Sinohui, Cici
Administrative Assistant
1-408-551-3128 contact form
Stirling, Jen
Director of Parent Giving
1-408-551-6071 contact form
Stone, Julie
Associate Director, Operations & Campaigns
1-408-554-6985 contact form
Wallace, Mike
Associate Vice President for Development
1-408-554-4981 contact form
Williams, Linda
Sr. Data Processor, Demographics
1-408-551-6069 contact form
Allan, Maddie
Director for Development
Balsdon, Christina
Development Associate, Corporate & Foundation Relations
Clawson, Nicole
Director for Development
1-408-554-6972 contact form
Colyar, Barbara J.
Front Desk Coordinator
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Donatoni, Lawrence
Senior Director for Development
1-408-554-2324 contact form
Drevno, Peter
Class Giving Officer
Fulton, Robyn
Principal Gifts Coordinator
1-408-554-5733 contact form
Gifford, Kathy
Associate Director, Academic and Donor Liaison
1-408-551-3131 contact form
Hassan, Ali
Director for Development
1-408-554-5739 contact form
Jenkins, Brandon
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Jensen, Carrie
Acknowledgement Program Manager
1-408-554-5441 contact form
Jones, Ashley
Class Giving Officer
Lucas Taylor, Susan
Senior Director for Development
Mawhinney, Sarah
Student Call Center
Petrini, Robin
Associate Director for Development
1-408-554-5442 contact form
Warren, Robert D.
Vice President Emeritus
1-408-554-4194 contact form
Waziri, Laila
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Yates, Caitlyn
Asst Director of Parent Giving
1-408-554-5737 contact form

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Development Office

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