Office of Marketing and Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides marketing counsel and related editorial, photographic, and graphic design services to the Santa Clara University community.

Almendras, Samira
Junior Graphic Designer
1-408-554-5557 contact form
Aquino, Jerry
Assistant Web Services Manager
1-408-554-2223 contact form
Arora, Deepa
Communications Director
1-408-554-5125 contact form
Avritt, Margaret
Marketing Director
1-408-554-5122 contact form
Bertino, Nic
Web Services Manager
1-408-551-3493 contact form
Cianci, Maria
University Writer/Editor
1-408-551-3119 contact form
Cohen, Ed
Associate Editor
1-408-551-3506 contact form
Colombatto, Jay
Director, Development Marketing
1-408-551-3092 contact form
Degastaldi, Linda
Creative Director
1-408-554-5381 contact form
Gire, Jeffrey
University Writer/Editor
1-408-551-1796 contact form
Gou, Vicky
Assistant Director, Social Media
1-408-551-7174 contact form
Gutmann, Harold
University Writer/Editor
1-408-551-3117 contact form
Hamilton, Clay
Assoc. Editor, Web/Media Designer
1-408-554-2183 contact form
Herndon, Bill
Director of Web Communications
1-408-554-5127 contact form
Hua, Jackie
Production Manager
1-408-554-2740 contact form
Lee, Ellen
Marketing Coordinator
1-408-554-4699 contact form
Lee, Joanne H
University Photographer
1-408-554-5334 contact form
LeyVa, Dona
University Writer/Editor
1-408-554-5123 contact form
Lohse, Deborah
Assistant Director, Media Relations
1-408-554-5121 contact form
Malatesta, Katy
Brand Marketing Manager
1-408-554-5124 contact form
McKown, Alice
Senior Graphic Designer
1-408-551-3055 contact form
Ryan, John
University Writer/Editor
1-408-551-3472 contact form
Samuelson, Patti
Graphic Designer
1-408-554-5119 contact form
Saum, Steven Boyd
Editor, Santa Clara Magazine
1-408-551-1840 contact form
Vossugh, Tina
Assistant Director, Media Relations
1-408-554-5126 contact form

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Office of Marketing and Communications

Santa Clara University
Office of Marketing and Communications
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Santa Clara, CA 95053

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