Business School Graduate Programs

Evans, Carolyn
Senior Assistant Dean
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Ashton, Jocylen
Director, Career Management
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Barycza, Agie
Customer Care Professional
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Fernandez, Ramie
Assistant Director, Academic Support
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Fox, Tammy
Director, Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid
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Ghiassi, Dr. Manoochehr
Faculty Director, MSIS Program, Business School Graduate Programs
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Gillingham, Tiffiny
Assistant Director, MSIS
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Gunzelman, Ashley
Assistant Director,Graduate Business Admissions
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Hall-Kaiser, Karen
Assistant Director, Student Life
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Hee, Jana
Senior Director Graduate Business Academic and Records Support
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Kalbas-Schmidt, Trish
Assistant Director, Career Management
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Kerwin, Bridget
Assistant Director, Graduate Business Admissions
1-408-551-1633 contact form
Paulin, Alex
Director, EMBA, AMBA, MS Programs
1-408-554-2195 contact form
Stahl, Lesley
Assistant Director, EMBA, AMBA, MS Programs
1-408-554-5408 contact form
Walsh, Kelly
Assistant Director, Career Management
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Business School Graduate Programs

Santa Clara University
Business School Graduate Programs
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