Yabes, Hazel
Circulation Specialist/Asst Circulation Manager
contact form 1-408-554-5141
Yaffee, Julia
Senior Assistant Dean for External Affairs
contact form 1-408-554-2706
Yamada, Toshishige
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-6983
Yamamoto, Eric
Associate Head Coach, Men's Soccer
contact form 1-408-551-1988
Yan, Wan
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x6672
Yan, Yuling
Program Director and Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4485
Yang, Cary Y
contact form 1-408-554-6814
Yang, Tseming
contact form 1-408-554-3000 x6037
Yates, Caitlyn
Sr. Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-5737
Yee, Atom
contact form 1-408-554-4455
Yee, Raymond
Watch Commander
contact form 1-408-554-5079
Yeldandi, Rajainder
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4329
Yocam, Keith
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-6801
Yoneji, Noriko
Adjunct Lecturer of Japanese
Yonkers-Talz, Kevin
Co-Director of the SCU Casa El Salvador Program
contact form 1-408-551-3019
Yonkers-Talz, Trena
Co-Director of the SCU Casa El Salvador Program
contact form 1-408-551-3019
Yosifon, David
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-551-1903
Young, Betty A
contact form 1-408-554-7833
Young, Chris
Assistant Director - Building and Grounds
contact form 1-408-554-4875
Young, Gordon
Senior Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-1890
Young, Kate E., Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
contact form 1-408-554-4501
Yusuf, Suzanne
Senior Reporting Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-4330