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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Development Office

Lyons, Jim
Vice President for University Relations
1-408-551-1691 contact form
Dominguez, Yvonne
Assistant to Vice President, University Relations
Amrine, Stefan
Donor Relations Writer
1-408-554-4974 contact form
Castaneda-Liles, Josef
Senior Associate Director, Prospect Research
1-408-554-4976 contact form
Chang, Caroline
Associate Vice President for Advancement Services - University Relations
1-408-554-5360 contact form
Donatoni, Lawrence
Senior Director of Development
1-408-554-2324 contact form
Gifford, Kathy
Associate Director, Academic and Donor Liaison
1-408-551-3131 contact form
Graebe, Cynthia
Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4992 contact form
Jensen, Carrie
Acknowledgement Program Manager
1-408-554-5441 contact form
Lerner, Casey
Executive Director for Annual Giving
1-408-554-2352 contact form
Lucas Taylor, Susan
Senior Director of Development
1-408-554-5452 contact form
Mui, Karen
Associate Director, Prospect Research
1-408-551-7005 contact form
Pedroza, Natasha
Director of Reunion Giving
1-408-551-7077 contact form
Quinn, Tiffany
Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-551-3130 contact form
Rasmussen, Kirsten
Director, Donor Relations
1-408-551-3137 contact form
Riechers, Danny
Associate Director, Prospect Research
1-408-551-3132 contact form
Warren, Robert D.
Vice President Emeritus
1-408-554-4194 contact form
Yates, Caitlyn
Asst Director of Parent Giving
1-408-554-5737 contact form
Alves, Deanna
CRM System Administrator
1-408-554-4975 contact form
Avritt, Margaret
Director, Development Marketing
1-408-554-5122 contact form
Bastone, Frankie
Assistant Director, Student and Young Alumni Giving
1-408-554-6852 contact form
Calderon, Nancy Trish
Associate Vice President for Development
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Calvano, Valerie
Development Service Associate, Gift Processing
1-408-554-4994 contact form
Chan, Lily
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Clawson, Nicole Rinetti
Senior Director of Development
1-408-554-6972 contact form
Colombatto, Jay
Sr. Director, Development Marketing
1-408-551-3092 contact form
Colyar, Barbara J.
Development Reception
1-408-554-4400 contact form
De Buizer, Amber
Director of Development
1-408-554-6979 contact form
De Leon-Lopez, Kelly
Assistant Director, Donor Relations (Scholarships)
1-408-554-2322 contact form
Drevno, Peter
Assistant Director of Development
1-408-554-5409 contact form
Farrington, Ashley
Associate Director of Development
Filios, Ann
Application Specialist
Fowler, Selena
Application Specialist
1-408-554-3416 contact form
Gallardo, Angelina
Development Service Associate, Demographics
Garcia, Karla
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Glynn, Liz Gallegos
Executive Director, Gift Planning
1-408-554-5595 contact form
Goodall, Lynn
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Reunion Giving
Hassan, Ali
Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-554-5739 contact form
Hendricks, Matthew
Program Officer, Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-554-2787 contact form
Higgins, Margaret M.
Director of Development
Jimenez, Ana
Development Service Associate, Gift Processing
Lamp, Marilena
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Lynch, Jace
Development Service Associate, Gift Processing
Mawhinney, Sarah
Student Call Center
1-408-551-3220 contact form
McGriff, Lorraine
Director, Gift and Records
1-408-554-5425 contact form
Mills, Megan
Director, Gift Planning
1-408-554-4305 contact form
Mirkovich, Nick
Assistant Director of Development
1-408-554-5740 contact form
Munro, Kim
CRM Programmer/Analyst
1-408-554-4973 contact form
Nguyen, Vivian
Development Service Associate, Gift Processing
1-408-551-7137 contact form
Orvick, Jan
Development Coordinator
1-408-551-3080 contact form
Pasquale, Alia
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Pastorini, Heather
Principal Gifts Officer
1-408-551-3490 contact form
Petrini, Robin
Director of Development
1-408-554-5442 contact form
Punu Kodres, Karina
Assistant Director of Development
Rodriguez, Ofelia
Development Service Associate, Demographics
Rohrer, Katie
Assistant Vice President and Campaign Director
1-408-551-6091 contact form
Rosas, Stephanie
Direct Appeal Coordinator
Salazar, Patricia
Assistant Director of Development
1-408-551-1622 contact form
Shaw, Christi
Director, Direct Appeal
1-408-554-6824 contact form
Shoven, Meghan
Associate Director, Campaign Engagement
1-408-551-3442 contact form
Song, Ron
Senior Director of Prospect Management and Analytics
Stirling, Jen
Director of Parent Giving
1-408-551-6071 contact form
Stone, Julie
Associate Director, Advancement Services
1-408-554-6985 contact form
Vargas, Nicole
Administrative Associate for Principal Gifts
Wallace, Mike
Associate Vice President for Development
1-408-554-4981 contact form
Waziri, Laila
Development Research Program Coordinator
1-408-551-3478 contact form
Welsby, Simon D.J.
Executive Director, Development
Williams, Linda
Development Service Associate, Demographics
1-408-551-6069 contact form