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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook


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Kadalah, Mohammed
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Arabic
contact form 1-408-551-3169
Kadambi, Vasu
Dean's Executive Professor of MIS
contact form 1-408-551-3110
Kahan, Tracey L
contact form 1-408-554-4812
Kahsai, Yohannes
Technician 1-408-554-4446
Kain, Philip J
contact form 1-408-554-4844
Kalbas-Schmidt, Trish
contact form 1-408-551-3508
Kale, Kathryn
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
contact form 1-408-554-5021
Kalivitis, Chrissy
Assistant Director of International Students and Scholars 1-408-554-5260
Kalkbrenner, Lindsey
Director, Sustainability
contact form 1-408-554-2369
Kalyanam, Kirthi
contact form 1-408-554-2705
Kamas, Linda
Chair, Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4341
Kaminski, Amanda
Adjunct Lecturer 1-510-549-5035
Kaneb, Paige
Supervising Attorney
contact form 1-408-551-3258
Kang, Taewoo
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3622
Kapur, Rajiv
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x6686
Karcich, Jon
Assistant Coach, Baseball
contact form 1-408-554-4680
Karp, Joey
Associate Director, Media Relations
contact form 1-408-554-4670
Karpe, Pratima
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4525
Karr, Taelor
Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
contact form 1-408-554-6984
Kashkooli, Keyvan
Assistant Professor 1-408-554-4344
Kawar, Sanad
Spirituality Facilitator, daVinci 1-408-551-6843
Kazi, Zerreen
contact form 1-408-554-4926
Kealey, Shannon
Science Librarian & Scholarly Communication Coordinator
contact form 1-408-551-7021
Kealhofer, Lisa
contact form 1-408-554-6810
Keaton, David
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4729
Kelinsky, Eddie
Assistant Director
contact form 1-408-554-2184
Kelley, Barbara
Senior Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-2158
Kelley, James
Professor of Practice
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x6683
Kelly, Carol
Administrative Assistant 1-408-554-4086
Kelly, Krystal
Head Coach, Women's Golf
contact form 1-408-554-5742
Kemp, Jeremy W
Online/Hybrid Learning Specialist 1-408-551-1842
Kendall, Deborah
Store Manager
contact form 1-408-554-2717
Kennedy, John
Director of Orchestra
contact form 1-408-554-2172
Kennedy, Sean
Senior Media Systems Specialist 1-408-554-5094
Kenney, Millicent
Transportation Services Director
contact form 1-408-551-1699
Kerrigan, John
Chief Investment Officer
contact form 1-408-554-4968
Kerwin, Bridget
Law Records Anaylst
contact form 1-408-554-4351
Kesten, Philip R
Associate Vice Provost, Undergraduate Studies
contact form 1-408-554-4311
Kevane, Michael
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-6888
Khalipa, Sue
Office Manager
contact form 1-408-554-4858
Khanbaghi, Ph.D., Maryam
Program Director and Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-6816
Khouw, Lusiana
Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4775
Kibbish, Samantha
Assistant Director for Student Organizations
contact form 1-408-554-4745
Kidron, Yael
Director of Character Education 1-408-554-5712
Kim, Ha Yang
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-3511
Kim, Hayang
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-3511
Kim, Seoyoung
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-5171
Kim, Simon
Director of Intercultural Initiatives 1-510-549-5043
Kim, Yongtae
Chair, Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4667
Kim, Ph.D., Ashley
Associate Professor 1-408-554-4874
Kim-Lemos, Ha
Development Service Associate
contact form 1-408-554-6976
Kimura-Walsh, Erin
Director, LEAD Scholars Program
contact form 1-408-554-2129
Kinyon, Devin
Assistant Director 1-408-554-4319
Kirby, Gail H
contact form 1-408-551-1894
Kircher, Paul
Assistant Dean of Students 1-510-549-5029
Kitts, Ph.D., Christopher
Director, Robotics Systems Laboratory 1-408-554-4382
Klees, Jill A.
Director of Student Life
contact form 1-408-554-7883
Kleinhenz, Ph.D., Robert (Bob)
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-551-3025
Kloppenberg, Lisa
contact form 1-408-554-4362
Klosinski, Leonard F
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-6897
Knepper, Billie
Cataloging Specialist
contact form 1-408-554-5174
Knudsen, Rachel
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-5248
Koch, Carol
Lead Enrollment Services Specialist
contact form 1-408-554-4303
Koch, James L
Dodson Distinguished Service Professor of Management 1-408-551-1789
Koebel, Carly
Program Manager 1-408-554-5484
Kohler, John
Director, Impact Capital
contact form 1-408-551-7157
Kokolskyj, Lydia
Deputy Executive Director of Major Gifts 1-408-554-5452
Kolasinski, Moira
Associate Director, Employer Relations & Experiential Learning
contact form 1-408-554-4420
Kone, Elizabeth
Administrative Associate
Konowicz, Becky
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Director of International Admission
contact form 1-408-551-3159
Koopmann-Holm, Birgit
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-551-3199
Kopriva, Teresa D.
Assistant Provost for Strategic Initiatives 1-408-551-7161
Korsmeyer, Katy
Associate Director of Special Projects
contact form 1-408-554-4455
Kostic, Tom
Senior Fellow, Character Education 1-408-554-5319
Kotsiri, Sofia
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-4076
Kozacky, Walter
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-5313
Kozas, Anna
Bioethics Program Manager
contact form 1-408-554-5716
Krane, Denise
contact form 1-408-554-4127
Kratz, Charlotta
contact form 1-408-551-7864
Krause, Roland
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-6805
Kraver, Kevin
Senior Program Director, GSBI Network Partners & Systems Architecture 1-408-551-3135
Kreiner, Thane
Executive Director
contact form 1-408-551-6043
Kreitzberg, Ellen
contact form 1-408-554-4724
Krishnan, Ph.D., Shoba
Chair and Professor 1-408-554-4666
Kroot, Matthew
contact form 1-408-554-2794
Ku, Dean
Assistant Director, University Alumni
contact form 1-408-554-4861
Ku, Wendy
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-551-6573
Kuczenski, Ph.D., Jessica
Lecturer 1-408-554-4468
Kulas, Kristin
contact form 1-408-554-6956
Kulp, Christopher B
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4842
Kunis, Dorice
Program Manager
contact form 1-408-551-1868
Kurczveil, Zoltan
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-6805
Kusanovich, Kristin
Sr. Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-5542
Kuwahara, Dana
Assistant Athletic Director, Academics
contact form 1-408-554-2264
Kwan, Kristina
Career Development Specialist - Arts and Sciences 1-408-554-2359
Kyu, Patricia
Accountant 1-408-554-4403