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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook


Campus Ministry1-408-554-4372 Web site
Campus Recreation1-408-554-4068
Campus Safety Services1-408-554-4441 Web site
CAPS1-408-554-4501 Web site
Career Center1-408-554-4421 Web site
Catering Services1-408-551-1792 Web site
Catholic Studies Program1-408-554-6959 Web site
Center for Accounting Education and Practice1-408-551-6062 Web site
Center for Advanced Study and Practice of Information Assurance1-408-554-6866 Web site
Center for Applied Ethics1-408-554-5319 Web site
Center for Arts and Humanities1-408-554-4508
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship1-408-554-5757 Web site
Center for Nanostructures1-408-551-1712 Web site
Center for Professional Development1-408-551-1933 Web site
Center for Student Involvement1-408-554-4745 Web site
Center for Sustainability1-408-554-2369 Web site
Center of Performing Arts Web site
Center of Performing Arts - Theatre and Dance Department1-408-554-4989 Web site
Central Receiving/Central Stores1-408-554-4009
Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency Program (CAAP)1-408-554-4521 Web site
Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI)1-408-554-2187 Web site
Chemistry & Biochemistry Department1-408-554-4799 Web site
Child Studies1-408-554-4792 Web site
Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering Department1-408-554-4061 Web site
Classics Department1-408-554-5248 Web site
CML1-408-551-7152 Web site
College of Arts & Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences1-408-554-4455 Web site
Communication Department1-408-554-2798 Web site
Communications and Marketing, Office of1-408-554-5122 Web site
Computer Engineering Department1-408-554-6805 Web site
Conference Services1-408-554-4302 Web site
Controller's Office1-408-554-4397 Web site
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) and Student Health Center (SHC)1-408-554-4501 Web site
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)1-408-554-4501 Web site
Counseling Psychology, Department of1-408-551-1603 Web site
Cowell Center1-408-554-4501 Web site


Cabell, Ben
Head Coach, Women's Tennis
contact form 1-408-554-4885
Caffey, Jack
Professor of Practice
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x3351
Cai, Gangshu
contact form 1-408-554-2785
Cai, Ye
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-5157
Cain, Patricia
contact form 1-408-554-4612
Cajigas, David
Director, Business Services
contact form 1-408-554-5293
Calalo, Claire
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer/Dance
contact form 1-408-554-4989
Calderon, Nancy Trish
Associate Vice President for Principal Gifts
contact form 1-408-554-4400
Calegari, Michael J
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-551-1694
Calero, Luis , S.J.
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-2194
Calhoun, Sara
Assistant Director, Donor Relations 1-408-551-1970
Callaghan, Hana
Director, Government Ethics
contact form 1-408-551-7046
Callahan, Karla
Dean's Executive Professor of Information Systems
contact form 1-408-554-2135
Callahan, Laura , Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor of Spanish
contact form 1-408-551-3382
Cameron, Matt
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life
contact form 1-408-554-4583
Cameron-Loyd, Patricia
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x6687
Campos, Pedro
Food Service Worker, Assistant Chef
Cannon, Nanette
Director of Admissions 1-408-551-1846
Canny, Michele
Volunteer & Office Coordinator 1-408-551-3397
Capatos, Liza-Jane
Lecturer 1-408-551-3242
Cappella, Emilie
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer of French
contact form 1-408-554-4002
Cardinal, Chad
Senior Director, Ticket Sales and Service
contact form 1-408-554-2143
Carmody, Denise
Professor Emerita
contact form 1-408-554-5501
Carr, Bill
Head Coach, Women's Basketball
contact form 1-408-554-6988
Carrasco, Michael
contact form 1-408-551-1878
Carrington, Ryan
contact form 1-408-554-5330
Carroll, Stephen
Senior Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-7087
Carter, Lisa
Instruction & Reference Librarian (Temporary)
contact form 1-408-551-3488
Carter-O'Connell, Ian
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-5033
Cascio, Diane
Head of Acquisitions
contact form 1-408-554-4892
Casey, Leo
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-5313
Castaneda-Liles, Josef
Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management and Analytics
contact form 1-408-554-4976
Castillo, Reuben
contact form 1-408-288-7030 x223
Castillo Chavez, Denise
Assistant Director
contact form 1-408-554-5254
Castro, Donovan
Basketball Video Coordinator
contact form 1-408-554-4691
Cat, Mai
Senior Accountant
contact form 1-408-554-4330
Cattoi, Thomas
Associate Professor of Christology and Cultures 1-510-549-5005
Ceja, Laura
Transportation Office Manager 1-408-551-7092
Ceran, Yasin
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4893
Cermeño, Irene
Program Director, Thriving Neighbors Initiative
contact form 1-408-551-7178
Chacko, George
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-551-4385
Chai, Andrew
President-Elect, Staff Senate 2018-2019
contact form 1-408-554-2321
Chait, Andrew
Assistant Director of Annual Giving 1-408-554-5409
Chang, Jamie S.
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-551-3449
Chang, Juliana
Department Chair/Professor
contact form 1-408-551-1885
Changras, Chris
Executive Assistant to the Provost and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
contact form 1-408-554-4533
Charles, Jeffrey
Director 1-408-554-4607
Chatelle Watt, Lisa
Purchasing Supervisor
contact form 1-408-554-5414
Chatterjee, Ajay
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-4937
Cheah, Wilson
System Administrator 1-408-551-3471
Chen, Elsa Y
contact form 1-408-551-7055
Cheng, Hsin-I
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4042
Cheng-Guajardo, Luis
contact form 1-408-554-4093
Chi, Tina
Senior Programmer/Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-4826
Chiappari, Ph.D., Stephen (Steve) A.
Chair and Senior Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4061
Chiaraluce, Cara
contact form 1-408-554-4510
Chidiac, S. J., Fady
contact form 1-408-554-4124
Chien, Colleen
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4534
Chin, Gerry
Senior Analyst
contact form 1-408-551-1968
Chinn, Meilin
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4938
Chiykowski-Rathke, Tanya
Annual Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-2794
Chong, Jason
Windows Systems Administrator 1-408-551-1893
Chopra, Rohit
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-551-3221
Chow, Shirley
Accounts Payable Representative
contact form 1-408-554-6825
Chuang, Sabrina
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Chinese
contact form 1-408-554-4047
Chun, Susan
Administrative Associate, Finance & Data Management
contact form 1-408-554-4549
Cimino, Olivia
Loan Coordinator
contact form 1-408-554-5785
Cionco, Allie
Off Campus Area Coordinator 1-408-551-3489
Clark, David
Senior Assistant Dean
Clark, H. Westley
Dean's Executive Professor
contact form 1-408-551-3177
Cleary, Drew
Director, Sports Performance
contact form 1-408-554-2263
Clough, Jonathan
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
contact form 1-408-554-2112
Clucas Leaderman, Emilie
Assistant Director of Assessment 1-408-551-3548
Clydesdale, Heather
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3350
Coady, Mary
Director, Corporate and External Relations 1-408-554-4173
Cocas, Laura
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4807
Coe, Marquita D
Associate Registrar - Data Management
contact form 1-408-554-4995
Colbert, Bridget K.
Interim General Counsel 1-408-554-2186
Colhour, Charli
Assistant Watch Commander, R.A.D. Instructor
contact form 1-408-554-7135
Coli, Christine
Program Manager 1-408-554-5237
Collins, Sean
contact form 1-408-554-5078
Colyar, Barbara J.
Customer Support Specialist
contact form 1-408-554-4400
Conard, Kristin
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4142
Conefrey, Theresa
contact form 1-408-551-3287
Connell, Karyn
Lecturer/Ballet and Pilates
contact form 1-408-554-4645
Connolly, Stacy L
Senior Research Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-4160
Conte, Stan
Assistant Director, Sports Medicine
contact form 1-408-554-5586
Coogan , Patrick
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration 1-510-549-5050
Cook, Kathleen
Executive Assistant to Chief Investment Officer
contact form 1-408-551-3280
Cooper, Cindy
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4753
Cooper, Hannah
Spirituality Facilitator, University Villas 1-408-551-3013
Coran, Jeanette
Project Manager 1-408-551-3582
Corning, Greg
Associate Professor and Chair
contact form 1-408-554-4336
Correia, Mary
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4469
Correnti, Mark
Director of Impact Investing 1-408-551-3581
Cotran, Ph.D., Leyna
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-6805
Covich, Robert
Program Associate, Undergraduate Studies
contact form 1-408-551-7032
Cowles, Esther
Operations Manager, Adobe Lodge 1-408-551-1992
Cox, Michael
Senior System Administrator
contact form 1-408-554-5070
Cox, Tracy
Watch Commander, R.A.D. Instructor
contact form 1-408-554-5079
Coyne, Butch
contact form 1-408-554-4073
Craighead, Kari
Office Manager
contact form 1-408-554-4049
Creason-Valencia, Tricia
contact form 1-408-551-3335
Cress, Meghan
Assistant Director, Business and Engineering
contact form 1-408-554-4860
Crofton-Sleigh, Lissa
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-5248
Cronin, Madeline
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4508
Cross, Kristy
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-551-3524
Crowley, Michael
Vice President
contact form 1-408-554-4300
Crowley, Paul , S.J.
Jesuit Community Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4542
Cruz, Andrea
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4372
Cui, Yingqi
Senior Programmer/Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-4581
Cuilla, Pamela
Senior Administrative Assistant 1-408-554-4408
Cunha, Carmelita
contact form 1-408-554-5129
Currin, Shelly
System Manager
contact form 1-408-551-7012
Curry, Jane L
contact form 1-408-554-6883
Cushman, Pete
Associate Head Coach, Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track
contact form 1-408-554-4886
Customer Service, Facilities
Front Desk/Customer Service 1-408-554-4742
Cusumano, Carina
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
contact form 1-408-554-5072
Cutler, Nancy
Deputy CIO for Academic Technology
contact form 1-408-554-4915
Cutshaw, Gillian
Assistant Director for Student Leadership
contact form 1-408-554-4745
Cwirko-Godycki, Michelle
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
contact form 1-408-554-7865