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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook


Redwood, The1-408-554-4051 Web site
Registrar1-408-554-4331 Web site
Religious Studies Department1-408-554-4547 Web site
Research and Faculty Affairs1-408-554-2746 Web site
Residence Life1-408-554-4900
Residential Learning Communities1-408-554-4900
Retail Management Institute1-408-554-4960 Web site
Risk Management and CPSJ Insurance Group1-408-554-4397


Racine, Jean-Fran├žois
Associate Professor of New Testament 1-510-549-5030
Rahimi, Ali
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-4937
Rahman, Inam
Sr. System Analyst (HR Group)
contact form 1-408-554-4581
Rahman, Ph.D., Mahmudur
Associate Professor 1-408-554-4175
Raicu, Irina
Director, Internet Ethics
contact form 1-408-551-1814
Ramirez, Elizabeth
contact form 1-408-551-1986
Ramirez, Erick J.
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-7832
Ramirez, Estrella , Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist 1-408-554-4501
Ramirez, Sandra
Loan Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-5005
Ramon, Guy
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-551-1891
Ramos, Marc
Technology Training Specialist
contact form 1-408-554-5014
Ramos-Sanchez, Lucila
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-2398
Randall, Amy
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-551-1778
Raphael, Chad
contact form 1-408-554-4516
Rasay, R. Mike
Research Associate
contact form 1-408-554-5275
Rashidi, Eghbal
Lecturer 1-408-551-6062
Rasmussen, Kirsten
Director, Donor Relations
contact form 1-408-551-3137
Rast, Cameron
Head Coach, Men's Soccer
contact form 1-408-554-4784
Ravizza, Mark , S.J.
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4093
Raygoza, Lynette
System Manager
contact form 1-408-551-7017
Raymond, Anthony
Anthropology, Business, & Economics Librarian
contact form 1-408-554-5433
Read, Caroline
Marketing & Communication Specialist 1-510-549-5041
Read, Kirsten
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3008
Reaney, Stephen
contact form 1-408-554-4799
Recruiter, Gold Bar
Gold Bar Recruiter
contact form 1-408-554-5225
Recupero, Jenna
Title IX Investigator 1-408-551-3521
Redmond, Audrey
Donor Relations Writer
contact form 1-408-554-4974
Reed, Carl
Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Administration & Student Services
contact form 1-408-551-3194
Regan, John
Data Mart Manager and Reporting Specialist
contact form 1-408-551-1798
Rehman, Taslima
Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4525
Reimer, Ali
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
contact form 1-408-551-3145
Reinauer, Lori
External Relations Director 1-408-551-3000 x3254
Republicano, Victor , III
Special Assistant to the President
contact form 1-408-554-6828
Restivo, Ph.D., Gaetano (Tony)
Lecturer 1-408-554-4488
Rewak, William , S.J.
Chancellor Emeritus
contact form 1-408-554-4100
Rey, Michelle
Associate Director, Development (JST) 1-408-551-3607
Reyes, John Michael
Campus Minister, Sacramental Formation
contact form 1-408-554-2797
Reynolds, Ryan
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4760
Reynolds Hemsley, Robin
Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services
contact form 1-408-554-4070
Ri , Christina
Senior Instructional Technology Resource Specialist
contact form 1-408-551-1863
Ribas-Casasayas, Alberto
Assistant Professor of Spanish
contact form 1-408-551-3165
Riccomini, Don
Senior Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-1923
Ridolfi, Kathleen
contact form 1-408-554-4993
Riley, Philip Boo
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-2199
Riney-Niewadomski, Jean
Instructor 1-408-551-3079
Riney-Niewiadomski, Jean
Lecturer and Practicum Coordinator
contact form 1-408-551-3079
Rintala, Norma
Administrative Assistant 1-408-296-4656
Rivard, Anna
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4455
Rivera, Carmen
Assistant Teacher
contact form 1-408-554-4771
Rivera, Tony
Director of Wind Symphony
contact form 1-408-554-4428
Rivera Juaristi, Francisco
Director 1-408-554-4770
Riviello, Tonia
Associate Professor of Italian
contact form 1-408-554-4590
Roberts, Drew
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management and Marketing 1-510-549-5016
Roberts, Apryl
Senior Administrative Assistant 1-408-554-6805
Robertson, Casey
Sr. Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4508
Robinette, Tracy
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4496
Robinson, Laura
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4509
Robinson, Peggie , R.N.
Clinic Manager, Registered Nurse
contact form 1-408-554-4501
Robles, Tony
Senior Budget Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-5097
Robles, Armida
Patron Services Supervisor
contact form 1-408-554-2396
Robles, Cecilia
Teacher 1-408-554-4771
Robles, Rachel
contact form 1-408-554-5448
Rodgers, Richard
University Advisor
contact form 1-408-554-4318
Rodriguez, Arcelia
Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-5154
Rodriguez, Ariana
Enrollment Services Specialist
contact form 1-408-554-4083
Rodriguez, Judy
Course Reserves, Stacks, & Paging Supervisor
contact form 1-408-554-5240
Rodriguez, Mariela
Human Resources Operations Supervisor
contact form 1-408-554-5488
Rodriguez, Ofelia
Development Service Associate, Demographics
contact form 1-408-551-3472
Rodriguez, Sylvia
Spirituality Facilitator, Xavier 1-408-554-6856
Rodriguez, Victoria
Graduate Admissions Advisor
contact form 1-408-554-4723
Rodriguez-Mojica, Claudia
Assistant Professor 1-408-551-3498
Rogers, Shane
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-554-4600
Rohrer, Katie
Associate Vice President Development and Campaigns
contact form 1-408-551-6091
Roman, Cathy
Administrative Associate
contact form 1-408-554-4730
Romero-Herrera, Azucena
Financial Aid Advisor
contact form 1-408-551-1000
Roncaglia, Carolynn
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-5248
Rondthaler, Katharine
Forge Organic Garden Manager
contact form 1-408-643-1400
Ronzani, Clare
Career Advisor 1-510-549-5009
Rosas, Stephanie
Director, Direct Appeal
contact form 1-408-551-3470
Rosenberg, Laura
Resident Director - Alpha 1-408-554-5569
Rosenberger, Jeanne
Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students
contact form 1-408-554-4366
Ross, Deborah
Director of Ministerial Formation & Lecturer 1-510-549-5025
Ross, Peter
contact form 1-408-554-4525
Rossetti, Elspeth
Senior Director
contact form 1-408-554-4421
Rotsinger-Stemen, Sarah , Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist 1-408-554-4501
Roush, Jeffrey
Assistant Director, Law Financial Aid 1-408-551-1719
Roussos, Pamela
Chief Innovation Officer
contact form 1-408-551-6027
Rovaris, Derek
Spirituality Facilitator, ALPHA 1-408-554-4610
Rovaris, Jillandra C., Ph.D.
Director, Health & Counseling Services
contact form 1-408-554-4501
Rowan, Jim
Senior Programmer Analyst
contact form 1-408-554-4581
Roycroft, C.
Assistant Director for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
contact form 1-408-554-4393
Rubin, Erendira
Associate Director of HR, Employee Services, Employment Counsel
contact form 1-408-554-5495
Ruhland, Beatrice
Staff Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-6943
Ruiz, Agustin
Associate Director of Human Resources, Operations
contact form 1-408-554-4359
Ruiz, Alma
Assistant Director
contact form 1-408-554-4771
Ruiz, Daniel
Assistant Watch Commander
contact form 1-408-551-7135
Ruiz, Marta
Visitor Services Specialist
contact form 1-408-554-4789
Runde, Karen
Senior Program Manager, GSBI Online 1-408-551-3051
Ruscetti, Tracy
contact form 1-408-554-5034
Russell, Margaret
Interim Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
contact form 1-408-554-5324
Ruviaro, Bruno
Assistant Professor of Composition
contact form 1-408-554-4428
Ryan, Ed
Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness 1-408-554-5182
Ryzhik, Larisa
Senior Administrative Assistant 1-408-554-4580