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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Alumni Relations

Kale, Kathryn
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
1-408-554-5021 contact form
Bonini, Sarah
Assistant Director, Service and Spirituality
1-408-554-5120 contact form
Bradley, Megan
Assistant Director, Social Media and Career Networking
1-408-551-3155 contact form
Brotherton, Melissa
Associate Director, Operations and Finance
1-408-551-3450 contact form
Cwirko-Godycki, Michelle
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
1-408-554-7865 contact form
Giannotta, Rachaella
Sr. Assistant Director, Events
1-408-554-4888 contact form
Ho, Denise
Assistant Director, Student & Young Alumni Programs
1-408-554-6955 contact form
McChesney, Alma
Customer Service Manager
1-408-554-5391 contact form
Muscat, Maureen
Associate Director, Events
1-408-554-5479 contact form
Neilan, Paul
Sr. Associate Director
1-408-554-5388 contact form
Peters, Matthew
Assistant Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-554-5363 contact form
Plaza, Zach
Assistant Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-551-7074 contact form
Reyes, Juan C.
Finance and Data Specialist
1-408-554-5115 contact form
Sullivan, Jenny
Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-554-5085 contact form
von Massenhausen, Maria
Associate Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-554-5004 contact form