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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Associated Student Government

Poor, Aaron
Student Body President
1-408-554-4410 contact form
Hinkston, Alana
Public Relations Vice President
1-408-554-4410 contact form
Vanadilok, Tedd
CSL Staff Advisor
1-408-554-4410 contact form
Andersen, Edith
Community Development Vice President
1-408-551-4410 contact form
Betschart, Lauren
Financial Vice President
1-408-554-5548 contact form
Feyzi, Fred
Chief Justice of Student Court
1-408-554-4851 contact form
Owen, Madeline
Executive Vice President
1-408-554-4857 contact form
Unterreiner, Avery
Chair of Student Senate
1-408-551-4853 contact form