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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

A new SCU Phonebook is coming soon. You can preview the new version, and give us your feedback about the new design.

Department of Human Resources

Ambelang, Charles
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
1-408-551-1940 contact form
Aceron, Abby
Employee Relations and Leave Specialist
Ahluwalia, Indu
Senior Leave Specialist
Alabi, Lorraine
Manager of Benefits
1-408-554-4097 contact form
Alvarez, Aryana
HR Operations Assistant
Ambriz, Priscilla
HR Associate
1-408-551-3040 contact form
Brucal, Michelle
Payroll Manager
1-408-554-6978 contact form
Derakhshani, Mahrou
HR Budget Specialist
DuBois, Michele
Senior Benefits Specialist
Escobar-Emery, Grecia
Payroll Associate
Garcia Vega, Karla
HR Operations Associate
1-408-554-5331 contact form
Giannini, Martha
Assistant to the AVP of HR
1-408-554-4178 contact form
Gray, Deborah
Director, Kids on Campus
Guerrero, Gabby
HRIS Specialist
1-408-554-5345 contact form
Ilio, 5545386, Tes B.
Senior HR Data Specialist
1-408-554-5386 contact form
Javier, Sheila
Senior HR Partner and Compensation Specialist
1-408-551-3060 contact form
Mahajan, Vipasha
Senior HR Partner
Mata, Shirley
Manager of Employee Development
Merryman, Deborah
Health and Wellness Program Administrator
1-408-554-2758 contact form
Montoya, Delilah
Senior HR Partner
1-408-554-5489 contact form
Murry, Yolanda
Customer Support Representative
1-408-554-5397 contact form
Quevedo, Liz
Workforce Planning Manager
Rodriguez, Mariela
Human Resources Operations Supervisor
1-408-554-5488 contact form
Rubin, Erendira
Associate Director of HR, Employee Services, Employment Counsel
1-408-554-5495 contact form
Ruiz, Agustin
Director of Human Resources, Operations
1-408-554-4359 contact form
Santiago De Robles, Georgina
Benefits Specialist
Silva, Maria
HRIS Manager
1-408-551-1985 contact form
Smith, Marlene
HR Associate
1-408-551-4388 contact form
Guthrie, Belinda
EEO & Title IX Coordinator
1-408-554-4113 contact form
Elliott, Jenna
Title IX Investigator