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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Development Office

Lyons, Jim
Vice President for University Relations
1-408-551-1691 contact form
Colyar, Barbara J.
Customer Support Specialist
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Alves, Deanna
CRM System Administrator
1-408-554-4975 contact form
Aragon, Mynor
Director of Development
1-408-554-6972 contact form
Bastone, Frankie
Assistant Director, Student and Young Alumni Giving
1-408-554-6852 contact form
Bormann, Olivia
Director of Student Call Center
1-408-551-3220 contact form
Castaneda-Liles, Josef
Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management and Analytics
1-408-554-4976 contact form
De Leon-Lopez, Kelly
Assistant Director, Donor Relations (Scholarships)
1-408-554-2322 contact form
Donatoni, Lawrence
Senior Director of Development
1-408-554-2324 contact form
Fields, Peter
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development
1-408-551-7040 contact form
Glynn, Liz Gallegos
Executive Director, Gift Planning
1-408-554-5595 contact form
Hassan, Ali
Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-554-5739 contact form
Hendricks, Matthew
Program Officer, Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-554-2787 contact form
Jensen, Carrie
Acknowledgement Program Manager
1-408-554-5441 contact form
Jimenez, Ana
Development Service Associate, Gift Processing
1-408-551-6069 contact form
LeClair, Anne
Director, Gift Planning
1-408-551-3612 contact form
McGriff, Lorraine
Director, Gifts and Records
1-408-554-5425 contact form
Munro, Kim
CRM Programmer/Analyst
1-408-554-4973 contact form
Nguyen, Vivian
Development Service Associate, Gift Processing
1-408-551-7137 contact form
Orvick, Jan
Development Coordinator
1-408-551-3080 contact form
Pastorini, Heather
Principal Gifts Officer
1-408-551-3490 contact form
Rasmussen, Kirsten
Director, Donor Relations
1-408-551-3137 contact form
Redmond, Audrey
Donor Relations Writer
1-408-554-4974 contact form
Shoven, Meghan
Associate Director, Campaign Engagement
1-408-551-3442 contact form
Stone, Julie
Associate Director, Advancement Services
1-408-554-6985 contact form
Back, Jason
CFR Associate
Beachy, Jeff
Assistant Vice President, Advancement Services
Calderon, Nancy Trish
Associate Vice President for Principal Gifts
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Calhoun, Sara
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Chait, Andrew
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Dominguez, Yvonne
Executive Assistant to Vice President, University Relations
1-408-551-1691 contact form
Drevno, Peter
Director of Development, Principal Gifts
1-408-554-3555 contact form
Gayle, Jennifer
Campaign Manager
1-408-554-5127 contact form
Gifford, Kathy
Assistant Director of Parent Giving
1-408-551-6093 contact form
Goodall, Lynn
Application Specialist
1-408-551-3464 contact form
Graebe, Cynthia
Administrative Assistant, Advancement Services
1-408-554-4992 contact form
Jensen, Jeri
Director of Corporate and Foundation Partnerships for Social Justice
1-408-554-5334 contact form
Kokolskyj, Lydia
Deputy Executive Director of Major Gifts
Lopez, Heather
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Major Gifts
1-408-554-2724 contact form
Mason, Sarah
Principal Gifts Analyst
1-408-551-3131 contact form
O'Mahony, Carol
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
1-408-551-3586 contact form
Puig, Imogen
Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management & Analytics
Punu, Karina
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
1-408-551-3344 contact form
Quinn, Tiffany
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
1-408-551-3130 contact form
Rohrer, Katie
Associate Vice President Development and Campaigns
1-408-551-6091 contact form
Rosas, Stephanie
Director, Direct Appeal
1-408-551-3470 contact form
Salazar, Patricia
Associate Director of Annual Giving
1-408-551-1622 contact form
Stirling, Jen
Executive Director of Parent Giving
1-408-551-6071 contact form
Walker, Chardé
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Development and AVP
Wallace, Mike
AVP of Constituent Relations
1-408-554-4981 contact form
Yates, Caitlyn
Associate Director of Parent Giving
1-408-554-5737 contact form
Adams, Cayce
Data Reporting Analyst
1-408-551-3132 contact form
David, Jolee
Director of Development
1-408-551-3451 contact form
De Buizer, Amber
Assistant Vice-President, Development
1-408-554-6979 contact form
Gallardo, Angelina
Sr. Prospect Analyst, Prospect Management & Analytics
1-408-551-3478 contact form
Hansen, Nathan
Director of Development
1-408-551-3404 contact form
Harrison, Sharise
Senior Director of Prospect Management and Analytics
1-408-551-1815 contact form
Lam, Linh
Development Service Associate
Latimerlo, Eli
Director of Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Lopez, Sergio
Manager of Direct Appeal
1-408-554-6824 contact form
Lund, Caleb
Director, Gift Planning
McCune, Tim
Senior Director of Development
1-408-551-3668 contact form
Messing, Joanne
Executive Director of Development and Scholarship Initiatives
Mirkovich, Nick
Director of Development
1-408-554-3452 contact form
Norberg, Daniel
Administrative Associate for Principal Gifts
Petrini, Robin
Senior Director of Development, Athletic Initiatives
1-408-554-5442 contact form
Rey, MPA, Michelle
Director of Development, Jesuit School of Theology
Rodriguez, Ofelia
Development Service Associate, Demographics
1-408-551-3472 contact form
Savini, Kristin
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Reunion Giving
Thukral, Shilpi
Customer Support Specialist
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Weber, Anna
Development Service Associate
Wooliscroft, Jennifer
Proposal Writer
1-408-554-4400 contact form