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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Human Resources, Department of

Ambelang, Charlie
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
1-408-551-1940 contact form
Alabi, Lorraine
Manager of Benefits
1-408-554-4097 contact form
Brucal, Michelle
Payroll Manager
1-408-554-6978 contact form
Delgado, Jonna S.
Senior Benefits Specialist
1-408-551-1934 contact form
Hildebrand, Diane
Organizational Development Specialist
1-408-554-5117 contact form
Ilio, Tes B.
Senior HR Data Specialist
1-408-554-5386 contact form
Jarjoura, Debra
Director, Kids on Campus
1-408-554-4771 contact form
Javier, Sheila
Senior HR Partner and Compensation Analyst
1-408-551-3060 contact form
Jocewicz, Linda
Assistant to AVP for HR
1-408-554-4178 contact form
Johnson, Cheryl
Assistant Director of HR, Employment Development
1-408-554-6990 contact form
Mata, Shirley
Senior HR Partner
McErlean, Siobhan
Employee Relations Specialist
1-408-554-2393 contact form
Merryman, Debby
Health and Wellness Program Administrator
1-408-554-2758 contact form
Metten, Anthony
Learning and Leadership Specialist
Montoya, Delilah
Senior HR Partner
1-408-554-5489 contact form
Murry, Yolanda
Customer Support Representative
1-408-554-5397 contact form
Quevedo, Liz
Workforce Planning Manager
Rodriguez, Mariela
Student Employment Manager
1-408-554-5488 contact form
Rubin, Erendira
HR Employment Counsel
1-408-554-5495 contact form
Ruiz, Agustin
Assistant Director of HR, Operations
1-408-554-4359 contact form
Santiago, Georgina
Payroll Associate
Smith, Marlene
HR Associate
1-408-551-4388 contact form
Torne, Joan
Associate Director of HR, Workforce Planning
1-408-554-4096 contact form
Ujvarosi, Szilvia
HR Budget Specialist
Welsh, Bruce
HRIS Specialist
1-408-551-1985 contact form
Zelaya, Caroline
Senior Benefits Specialist
Miramontes, Raquel
HR Associate
Ambriz, Priscilla
HR Associate
1-408-551-3040 contact form
Guthrie, Belinda
EEO & Title IX Coordinator
1-408-554-4113 contact form
Recupero, Jenna
Title IX Investigator