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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Office of the Registrar

Academic records, registration, academic transcripts, class schedules, grade reports, academic calendar, veterans' benefits information, enrollment verification, degree audit.

Augustin, Monica Loyce
University Registrar
1-408-554-4331 contact form
Coe, Marquita D
Associate Registrar - Data Management
1-408-554-4995 contact form
Farb, Hayley
Sr. Associate Registrar
1-408-554-4694 contact form
Fiel, Betsy
Assistant to the Registrar
1-408-554-6909 contact form
Frank, Brian
Record Analyst - UG Natural Sci; A&S & Eng'g; Grad Busn & Eng'g
1-408-554-4365 contact form
Hernandez, Karen
Sr. Data Analyst - classroom scheduler
1-408-554-2133 contact form
Hoose, Adora
Sr. Data Analyst - Data Processing, Registration, Grading
1-408-554-4998 contact form
Moreno, Laura
Record Analyst - UG Social Sci; Business; Law; E, CP, PM; VA Coordinator
1-408-554-7831 contact form
Whiting, Sheli
Record Analyst - Transfer Evaluation
1-408-554-4754 contact form
Zhao, Liqin
Associate University Registrar - Student Systems & Technology
1-408-554-2342 contact form
Transcripts and Verification Specialist