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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications provides marketing counsel and related editorial, photographic, and graphic design services to the Santa Clara University community.

Dewey, Matt
Associate Vice President, UMC
1-408-554-4982 contact form
Aquino, Jerry
Client Services Manager
1-408-554-2223 contact form
Arora, Deepa
Director, Media and Internal Communications
1-408-554-5125 contact form
Bertino, Nic
Director of Digital Strategy
1-408-551-3493 contact form
Buckner, Colin
Associate Director, Design
1-408-554-5119 contact form
Ferguson, Blake
Associate Director, Design
1-408-551-3055 contact form
Gutmann, Harold
Associate Director, Brand and Marketing Strategy
1-408-551-3117 contact form
Hamilton, Clay
Associate Director, Digital Strategy
1-408-554-2183 contact form
Herr, Lauren
Director, Social Media and Emerging Strategy
1-408-551-7174 contact form
Lee, Ellen
Research and Planning Specialist
1-408-554-4699 contact form
LeyVa, Dona
Assistant Director, Storytelling
1-408-554-5123 contact form
Li, Shengchun
1-408-554-2740 contact form
Lohse, Deborah
Assistant Director, Media and Internal Communications
1-408-554-5121 contact form
Malatesta, Katy
Director, Brand and Marketing Strategy
1-408-554-5124 contact form
Morgan, Matt
Director, Storytelling
1-408-551-3587 contact form
Parcell, Leif
Associate Director, Brand and Marketing Strategy
1-408-551-1796 contact form
Saum, Steven Boyd
Senior Director, Messaging and Content Strategy
1-408-551-1840 contact form
Vossugh, Tina
Assistant Director, Storytelling
1-408-554-5126 contact form