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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

University Relations

Lyons, Jim
Vice President for University Relations
1-408-551-1691 contact form
Dominguez, Yvonne
Executive Assistant to Jim Lyons, Vice President; Executive Assistant to Katie Rohrer, AVP and Campaign Director
1-408-551-1691 contact form
Calderon, Nancy Trish
Associate Vice President for Principal Gifts
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Dewey, Matt
Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
1-408-554-4982 contact form
Fields, Peter
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development
1-408-551-7040 contact form
Kale, Kathryn
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
1-408-554-5021 contact form
Rohrer, Katie
Associate Vice President Development and Campaigns
1-408-551-6091 contact form
Treacy, S.J., Jack
Chaplain for University Relations
1-408-551-6094 contact form
Wallace, Mike
AVP of Constituent Relations
1-408-554-4981 contact form
Warren, Robert D.
Vice President Emeritus
1-408-554-4194 contact form
Luxford, Dale
Director of Finance and Administration
1-408-551-3484 contact form
Colyar, Barbara J.
University Relations Reception and Customer Support Specialist
1-408-554-4400 contact form
Do, Eric
Financial Manager
1-408-554-5280 contact form
Mack, Lori
Administrative Services Manager
1-408-551-3576 contact form
Savini, Kristin
University Relations Reception and Customer Support Specialist