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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

A new SCU Phonebook is coming soon. You can preview the new version, and give us your feedback about the new design.

University Library

Information resources in a wide variety of media and formats, plus staff to help identify, evaluate and employ those most relevant to your needs.

Baughman McDowell, Kelci
Research & Instruction Services Coordinator, Archives & Special Collections
1-408-554-4094 contact form
Boyd, Susan
Engineering/Math Librarian
1-408-554-4067 contact form
Bradley, Cynthia
Manager, Interlibrary Loan
1-408-554-5428 contact form
Branch, Nicole
Associate University Librarian for Learning & Engagement
1-408-554-5436 contact form
Goodwater, Leanna
Humanities Librarian
1-408-554-5434 contact form
Gradowski, Gail
Education Librarian;Instruction Coordinator
1-408-554-5438 contact form
Hall, Kathy
Head of Access & Delivery Services
1-408-554-5439 contact form
Jones, David
Library Systems Manager
1-408-551-7167 contact form
Kealey, Shannon
Science Librarian & Scholarly Communication Coordinator
1-408-551-7021 contact form
Knepper, Billie
Cataloging Specialist
1-408-554-5174 contact form
Lafrance, Helene
Head of Research & Outreach
1-408-551-1740 contact form
Louthen, Erin
University Archivist
1-408-554-4117 contact form
Lu, Wen-Ying
Head of Cataloging
1-408-554-5556 contact form
McAlister, Shenika
Head of Electronic Resources & Serials
1-408-554-5356 contact form
Nasr, Nadia-Katherine
Head of Archives & Special Collections
1-408-554-6808 contact form
Neuhaus, Sophia
Social Sciences & Government Information Librarian
1-408-554-5431 contact form
Nutefall, Jennifer
University Librarian
1-408-554-6829 contact form
Olmstead, Nia
Communications & Events Coordinator
1-408-554-5031 contact form
Peterson, S.J., Dan
Province Archivist
1-408-554-5432 contact form
Piotrowski, Kyle
Learning Commons Supervisor (Evenings)
1-408-554-5748 contact form
Rabinowitz, Evan
LIbrary Help Desk Manager
1-408-551-1753 contact form
Raymond, Anthony
Anthropology, Business, & Economics Librarian
1-408-554-5433 contact form
Rickards, Lev
Associate University Librarian for Collections & Scholarly Communication
1-408-554-5429 contact form
Rodriguez, Judith
Course Reserves, Stacks, & Paging Supervisor
1-408-554-5240 contact form
Sangetta, Evan
Technical Services Assistant
1-408-551-1708 contact form
Scardina, Shara
Collections Specialist
1-408-551-1631 contact form
Scroggin, Ray
Digital Initiatives Assistant
1-408-554-5244 contact form
Sellar, Melanie
Head of Instruction & Assessment
1-408-554-6927 contact form
Shetenhelm, Summer
Digital Collections & Scholarship Librarian
1-408-554-5437 contact form
Solorio, Martin
Electronic Resources Assistant
1-408-554-6895 contact form
Truong, Phong
ARS Maintenance Supervisor
1-408-554-4077 contact form
Welter, Christine
Interlibrary Loan & Access Services Supervisor
1-408-554-5756 contact form