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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Modern Languages and Literatures, Department of

Boutouba, Jimia
Chair and Associate Professor in French
1-408-554-5176 contact form
Craighead, Kari
Office Manager
1-408-554-4049 contact form
Ahrends, Maike
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer of German
1-408-551-3173 contact form
Bauluz, Maria
Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-554-4841 contact form
Beebe, Rosemarie
Professor of Spanish
1-408-554-4962 contact form
Bertola, Maria
Lecturer of Italian
1-408-554-2319 contact form
Bubula-Phillips, Irene
Senior Lecturer of Italian
1-408-551-1810 contact form
Callahan, Ph.D., Laura
Adjunct Associate Professor of Spanish
1-408-551-3382 contact form
Cappella, Emilie
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer of French
1-408-554-4002 contact form
Chuang, San-hui
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Chinese
1-408-554-4047 contact form
Daffer, Stephanie
Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-551-3167 contact form
Davis, Kayce
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-551-3175 contact form
Ferraro, Evelyn
Assistant Professor of Italian
1-408-551-3093 contact form
Fujii, Seiko
Lecturer of Japanese
1-408-551-3174 contact form
Garcia, Silvia
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-554-4840 contact form
Ge, Yujie
Lecturer of Chinese
1-408-551-7866 contact form
Gil Guerrero, Herminia
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-551-3171 contact form
Hellebrandt, Josef
Associate Professor of Spanish
1-408-554-4881 contact form
Jiménez, Francisco
Professor Emeritus
1-408-554-5175 contact form
Jones, Gudrun
Associate Professor of German
1-408-554-4125 contact form
Kadalah, Mohammed
Lecturer of Arabic
1-408-551-3169 contact form
Li, Elsa
Senior Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-554-4081 contact form
Montfort, Catherine
Professor of French
1-408-554-4056 contact form
Monti, Jennifer
Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-554-4128 contact form
Ortigas, Jose
Assistant Professor of Spanish
1-408-551-3168 contact form
Pellettieri, Jill
Associate Professor of Spanish & Language Coordinator
1-408-554-4838 contact form
Puente Garcia, Julio
Postdoctoral Fellow
1-408-551-3170 contact form
Ribas-Casasayas, Alberto
Associate Professor of Spanish
1-408-551-3165 contact form
Riviello, Tonia
Associate Professor of Italian
1-408-554-4590 contact form
Schindewolf, Ariel
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-551-3166 contact form
Takeda, Tomoko
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of Japanese
1-408-551-3334 contact form
Tanti, Nina
Senior Lecturer of French
1-408-554-5177 contact form
Terry, Kristen
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer of French
1-408-554-6837 contact form
Varona, Lucia
Senior Lecturer of Spanish
1-408-554-4850 contact form