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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Residential Learning Communities

Faculty Directors' offices are not located in Benson 213. Please call Elizabeth Kone or the Faculty Director for the appropriate office location. For further information see Residence Life.

Kesten, Dr. Philip R
Director, Residential Learning Communities
1-408-554-4366 contact form
Dumas-Dyer, Heather
Director of Residence Life
1-408-554-4900 contact form
Kone, Elizabeth
Administrative Associate
Badami, Maitreya
Faculty Director - Xavier
1-408-554-6941 contact form
Farnsworth, John
Faculty Director - Cyphi
1-408-554-4900 contact form
McIntyre, Dr. Shelby
Faculty Director - Communitas
1-408-554-6833 contact form
Tamayo-Moraga, Sarita
Faculty Director - Unity
1-408-554-4900 contact form
Islas, Dr. Angel
Faculty Director - Loyola
1-408-554-4900 contact form
LaBarge, Scott
Faculty Director - Alpha
1-408-554-4846 contact form
Nelson, Lawrence John
Faculty Director - Alpha
1-408-554-5093 contact form
Pina, Thiadora A.
Faculty Director - da Vinci