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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Law School - Heafey Law Library

Alexander, Whitney
Director of the Law Library
1-408-554-2733 contact form
Amjadi, Prano
Associate Director for Research and Information Services
1-408-554-4072 contact form
Barnard, Maria
Senior Information Specialist
1-408-554-4072 contact form
Cascio, Diane
Head of Acquisitions
1-408-554-4892 contact form
Deguzman, Thomas
Student Services Research Librarian
1-408-554-5327 contact form
Edwards, Eli
Emerging Technologies Research Librarian
Lam, Agnes
Acquisitions Information Specialist
1-408-554-5147 contact form
Marcy, Kristina
Library Administration Information Specialist
1-408-554-2168 contact form
Platt, Ellen
Faculty Services Research Librarian
1-408-554-5139 contact form
Quinonez, Maria
Head of Information Services
1-408-551-1939 contact form
Yabes, Hazel
Asst. Manager for Information Services
1-408-554-5141 contact form