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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

University Support Services (USS)

USS includes: Purchasing, Central Receiving, Central Stores, Mailing Services, Campus Post Office

Merryman, Ed
1-408-554-5076 contact form
Woitte, Stephanie
Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4037 contact form
Chatelle Watt, Lisa
Purchasing Supervisor (see Purchasing)
1-408-554-5414 contact form
Harada, Kelly
Manager, Mail Center (see Mailing Services)
1-408-554-5714 contact form
Ignacio, Dan
Receiving / Central Stores Clerk
1-408-554-4009 contact form
Tavares, Kim
Purchasing Analyst (see Purchasing)
1-408-554-4364 contact form
Torres, Iris
Supervisor (see Post Office)
1-408-554-4057 contact form