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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

University Event Planning

The University Event Planning Office provides a range of services including scheduling, building operations, programming and event consultation in order to provide our students, faculty and staff and outside customers centralized resources.

Grasser, Karrie
Associate Vice President for University Protocol & Events
1-408-554-6912 contact form
Ament, Maribeth
Sr. Admin. Assistant & Event Coordinator
1-408-554-6911 contact form
Arkley, Chris
1-408-554-7805 contact form
Johnson, Mary
1-408-554-5405 contact form
Ramirez, Elizabeth
1-408-551-1986 contact form
Swendsen, Lisa
1-408-551-3523 contact form
Reichenberger, Carrie
Assistant Director
1-408-554-4991 contact form