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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

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Education and Counseling Psychology, School of - Dean's Office

The school offers master's degrees and professional certification in Teacher Preparation, Education Administration, Counseling, and Counseling Psychology.

Beltramo, Ph.D, John
Director of Catholic Education Partnerships
Clough, Jonathan
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
1-408-554-2112 contact form
Dalal, Ammar
Assistant Dean of Marketing and Enrollment
1-408-551-7884 contact form
Fondiller, Stacy
Administrative Associate
Guerra-Sarabia, Rosa
Director of Outreach & Recruitment
1-408-551-3456 contact form
Hammons, Paul
Web & Technology Coordinator
Huang, Yan
Director of Assessment
1-408-551-3443 contact form
MacGregor, Sarah
Assistant Dean for Student Services and Assesment
1-408-551-3127 contact form
Miranda, Dr. Francisca
Associate Dean for Faculty
Rodriguez, Victoria
Graduate Admissions Advisor
1-408-554-4723 contact form
Slaton, Danielle
Director, Center for Professional Development
Zamora, Luz
Student Services and CTC Manager
Zirkel, Dr. Sabrina
1-408-551-3074 contact form