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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Education and Counseling Psychology, School of - Dean's Office

The school offers master's degrees and professional certification in Teacher Preparation, Education Administration, Counseling, and Counseling Psychology.

Anwar, Fahad
Business Analyst
1-408-551-3410 contact form
Bynum, Derric
Assistant Director of Student Services
Clough, Jonathan
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
1-408-554-2112 contact form
Collins, Dr. Angelo
Associate Dean for Faculty / Education Lecturer
1-408-551-1787 contact form
Dalal, Ammar
Assistant Dean of Marketing and Enrollment
1-408-551-7884 contact form
Deng, Danmin
Director of Student Services
Huang, Yan
Director of Assessment
1-408-551-3443 contact form
MacGregor, Sarah
Assistant Dean for Student Services and Assesment
1-408-551-3127 contact form
Mitchell, Paula
Director of Catholic Education Partnerships
Morales, Arcadio
Director of External Relations
1-408-551-3417 contact form
Raza, Atika
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Riviere, Leesa
Graduate Admissions and Student Services Coordinator
1-408-551-3456 contact form
Rodriguez, Victoria
Graduate Admissions Advisor
1-408-554-4723 contact form
Wagner, Teresa
Administrative Associate
1-408-551-3558 contact form
Zamora, Luz
Credential Analyst
Zirkel, Dr. Sabrina
1-408-551-3074 contact form