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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Law School - Student Services

Erwin, Susan
Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services
1-408-554-4766 contact form
Bharucha, Meher
Associate Registrar, Law Student Services
1-408-554-4776 contact form
Flynn, Michael
Systems Manager
1-408-554-4349 contact form
Huynh, Lily
Systems Analyst
1-408-554-2734 contact form
Kerwin, Bridget
Law Records Anaylst
1-408-554-4351 contact form
Klees, Jill A.
Director of Student Life
1-408-554-7883 contact form
Lam, Jan
Admistrative Assistant
1-408-551-3448 contact form
Lindley, Barbara
Senior Data Processor
1-408-554-5083 contact form