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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

Mission Statement | The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education promotes and enhances the distinctively Jesuit, Catholic tradition at Santa Clara University, with a view to serving students, faculty, staff, and through them the larger community, both local and global. The Ignatian Center advances its mission through a range of signature programs listed here: Bannan Institutes, Community-based Learning, Immersion Programs, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Llywelyn, S.J., Dorian
Executive Director
1-408-554-4715 contact form
Bolden, Suzanne
Program Manager, Community-based Learning
Cermeño, Irene
Program Director, Thriving Neighbors Initiative
1-408-551-7178 contact form
Chun, Susan
Administrative Associate
1-408-554-4549 contact form
Denk, Abby
Program Manager, Thriving Neighbors Initiative
1-408-551-7136 contact form
Erickson, Kaylie
Program Manager, Bannan Institutes
1-408-554-5358 contact form
Guerra-Sarabia, Rosa
Sr. Program Director, Community-based Learning
1-408-554-5011 contact form
Ladrigan-Whelpley, Theresa
Director Bannan Institutes and Ignatian Spirituality
1-408-554-4383 contact form
Mansour, Charles
Director of Immersions
1-408-554-5346 contact form
McLane, Mary
Director of External Relations
Merritt, Jennifer
Director of Community-based Learning
1-408-554-5013 contact form
Mota, Nina
Director of Communications and Marketing
Nuttall, Michael
Associate Director/COO
1-408-554-2747 contact form
Sarma, Valerie
Sr. Program Director, Student Engagement and Special Projects
1-408-554-5272 contact form
Wells, Kayla L.
Program Director of Immersion
Administrative Associate