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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Sociology Department

Pumar, Dr. Enrique S.
Fay Boyle Professor and Chair
1-408-554-4780 contact form
Babbel, Susan
Sr. Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-2794 contact form
Chiaraluce, Cara
1-408-554-4510 contact form
DeHaan, Tracy
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-554-6846 contact form
Fernandez, Marilyn
1-408-554-4432 contact form
Garcia, Alma
1-408-554-4511 contact form
Lopez-Aguado, Patrick
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-5178 contact form
Moles, Katia
Academic Year Annual Lecturer
1-408-551-3655 contact form
Nichols, Laura
Associate Professor
1-408-551-7131 contact form
Powers, Charles
1-408-554-4517 contact form
Robinson, Laura
Associate Professor
1-408-554-4509 contact form
Agliardo, S.J., Fr. Michael
Visiting Scholar