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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Operations Management and Information Systems (Academic Department)

Tsay, Dr. Andy A
Chair, Professor
1-408-554-4561 contact form
Cai, Dr. Gangshu
Associate Professor
1-408-554-2785 contact form
Fatemi, Homi
Professor of Practice of OMIS
1-408-554-4029 contact form
Ghiassi, Dr. Manoochehr
1-408-554-4687 contact form
Lu, Dr. Haibing
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-2775 contact form
Li, Dr. Tao
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-6951 contact form
Nahmias, Dr. Steven
1-408-554-4918 contact form
Najafi, Dr. Sami
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-4110 contact form
Smith, Dr. Stephen A.
1-408-554-4046 contact form
Agrawal, Dr. Narendra
1-408-554-4165 contact form
Bala, Dr. Ram
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-3035 contact form
Callahan, Karla
Dean's Executive Professor of Information Systems
1-408-554-2135 contact form
Ceran, Dr. Yasin
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-4893 contact form
Ertekin, Necati
Assistant Professor
1-408-551-7047 contact form
Kadambi, Vasu
Dean's Executive Professor of MIS
1-408-551-3110 contact form
Kapur, Rajiv
Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-551-3000 x6686 contact form
Mirzaei, Fouad H.
1-408-551-6062 contact form
Samorani, Michele
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-4548 contact form
Schaffzin, Rick
Professor of Practice of OMIS
1-408-554-4671 contact form
Schermann, Michael
Assistant Professor
Siddiqui, Sheereen
Senior Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4329 contact form
Starbird, Dr. S. Andrew
1-408-554-4148 contact form
Sur, Sumana
Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-551-1834 contact form
Warren, Graeme
1-408-551-3000 x6678
Zimbra, Dr. David
Faculty Director of the MS Information Systems / Assistant Professor
1-408-554-2174 contact form