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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Center for Sustainability

Santa Clara University's Center for Sustainability advances the ways in which social justice and sustainability intersect by integrating principles of social, environmental, and economic sustainability into campus operations, academic and student life, and outreach programs. #sustainablescu

Kalkbrenner, Lindsey
1-408-554-2369 contact form
Uy, Cara
Sustainability Coordinator
1-408-551-3105 contact form
Rondthaler, Katharine
Forge Organic Garden Manager
1-408-643-1400 contact form
Martinez, Lisa
Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) Garden Educator
1-408-386-5544 contact form
Farnsworth, John
Faculty Associate for Curriculum Development and Transformation
1-408-551-3084 contact form
Gray, Leslie
Faculty Associate for Academic Programs
1-408-551-7054 contact form