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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Jesuit School of Theology - Berkeley Campus

We are a graduate school and international center for the study of theology and ministry and member of the Graduate Theological Union located in Berkeley.

Massaro S.J., Thomas
1-510-549-5040 contact form
Aswell, Kristin
Director of Marketing, Development and Alumni Relations
1-510-549-5041 contact form
Baggett, Jerome
Professor of Religion and Society
1-510-549-5060 contact form
Benders, J.D., Ph.D., Alison M.
Associate Dean
1-510-549-5055 contact form
Burke, S.J., Kevin
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
1-510-549-5031 contact form
Casey, Kristin
Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
1-510-549-5013 contact form
Cattoi, Thomas
Associate Professor of Christology and Cultures
1-510-549-5005 contact form
dePedraza, Maria
Senior Assistant for Associate Dean
1-510-549-5012 contact form
Diaz, Alexandra
Program Assistant, New Directions Sabbatical Program & Intercultural Initiatives Program
Dohar, William
Courtesy Faculty of SCU in Spirituality
1-510-549-5043 contact form
Endres, John, S.J.
Professor of Sacred Scripture (Old Testament)
Director of Studies for Religious
1-510-549-5024 contact form
Ferdon, Jane, O.P.
Adjunct Lecturer in Christian Spirituality
1-510-225-6197 contact form
Fernández, Eduardo, S.J.
Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ministry
1-510-549-5026 contact form
Flamenco, Juan
Maintenance Supervisor
1-510-224-8771 contact form
Fullam, Lisa
Associate Professor of Moral Theology
1-510-549-5019 contact form
Godoy, Barbara
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Griener, S.J., George
Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
1-510-549-5011 contact form
Hens-Piazza, Gina
Professor of Biblical Studies
1-510-549-5048 contact form
Janowiak, S.J., Paul
Associate Professor of Liturgical Theology
1-510-549-5032 contact form
Kircher, Paul
Assistant Dean of Students
1-510-549-5029 contact form
Maglio Brown, Lisa
Senior Admistrative Assistant for Student Life and Formation
1-510-549-5042 contact form
McCann J.C.L, Robert
Lecturer, Canon Law
1-510-549-5008 contact form
McChesney, S.J., Robert
Interim Director of Instituto Hispano
Director of Intercultural Initiatives
Director of New Directions Sabbatical Program
1-510-549-5046 contact form
Montes O.P., Teresa
Director of Hispanic Institute
1-510-549-5020 contact form
Murphy, S.J., George
Director of Spiritual Formation
Lecturer in Christian Spirituality
1-510-549-5018 contact form
Naffziger, Ann
Lecturer in Theological Reflection
1-510-549-5015 contact form
Nielsen, Jenna
1-510-549-5014 contact form
Nieto, Laura
Senior Administrative Assistant for Enrollment Management and Marketing
O'Neill, S.J., William
Associate Professor of Social Ethics
1-510-549-5036 contact form
Pham, S.J., Hung
Postdoctoral Fellow in Ignation Spirtuality
1-510-549-5034 contact form
Prinz, V.D.M.F., Julia D.E.
Adjunct Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Christian Spirituality/Coordinator of Women of Wisdom & Action Initiative
1-510-549-5000 contact form
Racine, Jean-François
Associate Professor of New Testament
1-510-549-5030 contact form
Ramirez, Jay
Senior Admistrative Assistant for Finance
1-510-549-5044 contact form
Ronzani, Claire
Tri-School Career Advisor
Adjunct Lecturer in Christian Spirituality
1-510-549-5009 contact form
Ross, Deborah
Lecturer & Director of Ministerial Formation
1-510-549-5025 contact form
Santos, Ana
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Student Life and Formation
1-501-549-5017 contact form
Schneiders, I.H.M., Sandra
Professor Emerita of New Testament and Spirituality
1-510-549-5035 contact form
Tejada, Daniel
Maintenance Assistant
1-510-224-8649 contact form
Tran, S.J., Anh
Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
1-510-549-5027 contact form
Williams, S.J., George
Adjunct Lecturer in Pastoral Theology
1-510-549-5009 contact form
Wolf Servatius, Shelly
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
1-510-549-5050 contact form