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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Jesuit School of Theology - Berkeley Campus

We are a graduate school and international center for the study of theology and ministry and member of the Graduate Theological Union located in Berkeley.

Allen, Jasmine
Administrative Assistant for Finance & Administration
Baggett, Jerome
Professor of Religion and Society
1-510-549-5060 contact form
Benders, J.D., Ph.D, Alison
Associate Dean
Cattoi, Thomas
Associate Professor of Christology and Cultures
1-510-549-5005 contact form
Coogan , Mr. Patrick
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Dohar, William
Courtesy Faculty of SCU in Spirituality
1-510-549-5043 contact form
Endres, John, S.J.
Professor of Sacred Scripture (Old Testament)
Director of Studies for Religious
1-510-549-5024 contact form
Ferdon, Jane, O.P.
Adjunct Lecturer in Christian Spirituality
1-510-225-6197 contact form
Fernández, Eduardo, S.J.
Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ministry
1-510-549-5026 contact form
Fullam, Lisa
Associate Professor of Moral Theology
1-510-549-5019 contact form
Griener, S.J., George
Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
1-510-549-5011 contact form
Hens-Piazza, Gina
Professor of Biblical Studies
1-510-549-5048 contact form
Janowiak, S.J., Paul
Associate Professor of Liturgical Theology
1-510-549-5032 contact form
Kircher, Paul
Assistant Dean of Students
1-510-549-5029 contact form
Lamb, Mary Beth
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Student Life and Formation
Maglio Brown, Lisa
Senior Admistrative Assistant for Student Life and Formation
1-510-549-5042 contact form
McCann J.C.L, Robert
Lecturer, Canon Law
1-510-549-5008 contact form
McChesney, S.J., Robert
Interim Director of Instituto Hispano
Director of Intercultural Initiatives
Director of New Directions Sabbatical Program
1-510-549-5046 contact form
Montes O.P., Teresa
Director of Hispanic Institute
1-510-549-5020 contact form
Murphy, S.J., George
Director of Spiritual Formation
Lecturer in Christian Spirituality
1-510-549-5018 contact form
Nieto, Laura
Senior Administrative Assistant for Enrollment Management and Marketing
Nieto, Mrs. Laura
Admissions and Scholarship Aid Specialist
Oberhausen, Jim
O'Neill, S.J., William
Associate Professor of Social Ethics
1-510-549-5036 contact form
Padilla, Mr. Steve
Director of Marketing, Development and Alumni Relations
Pham, S.J., Hung
Postdoctoral Fellow in Ignation Spirtuality
1-510-549-5034 contact form
Prinz, V.D.M.F., Julia D.E.
Adjunct Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Christian Spirituality/Coordinator of Women of Wisdom & Action Initiative
1-510-549-5000 contact form
Racine, Jean-François
Associate Professor of New Testament
1-510-549-5030 contact form
Ronzani, Claire
Tri-School Career Advisor
Adjunct Lecturer in Christian Spirituality
1-510-549-5009 contact form
Ross, Deborah
Lecturer & Director of Ministerial Formation
1-510-549-5025 contact form
Saechao, Mrs. Mey
Senior Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academics
Schneiders, I.H.M., Sandra
Professor Emerita of New Testament and Spirituality
1-510-549-5035 contact form
Tejada, Daniel
Maintenance Assistant
1-510-224-8649 contact form
Tran, S.J., Anh
Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
1-510-549-5027 contact form
Tunstall, Rich
Maintenance Supervisor
Williams, S.J., George
Adjunct Lecturer in Pastoral Theology
1-510-549-5009 contact form
Godoy, Barbara
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Massaro S.J., Thomas
1-510-549-5040 contact form