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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

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Cyberinfrastructure Technologies

The teams in Cyberinfrastructure Technologies support telecommunications, networking (wired and wireless), servers and storage, physical and virtual hosting, and infrastructure applications like Identity Management and Google Apps.

Battad, Geoffrey
Senior Network Administrator
1-408-554-4787 contact form
Butler, Edward
Manager, Networking & Telecommunications
1-408-554-5352 contact form
Cox, Michael
Manager, Enterprise Systems
1-408-554-5070 contact form
Lim, Kelly
Sr. System Administrator
1-408-554-5336 contact form
Moon, Brian
Expert Systems Administrator
1-408-554-4830 contact form
Fu, Yungnien
Network Engineer
1-408-554-5596 contact form
Garcia, Mr. Antonio
Network Engineer
Hernandez, Mr. Wilfredo
Network Engineer Supervisor/Senior
1-408-554-5532 contact form
Johnson, Jafari
System Administrator
1-408-554-2302 contact form
Lopez, Jaime
Sr. Network System Administrator
1-408-554-4755 contact form
Meissner, William
Senior System Administrator
1-408-554-4581 contact form
Mobley, John
Telecommunications Systems Administrator
1-408-554-6875 contact form
Quintanilla, Angela
System Administrator
1-408-551-1729 contact form
Srimoungchanh, Kameron
Senior Voice Engineer
1-408-551-3646 contact form
Swartz, Michael
Network Administrator
1-408-554-5784 contact form
Terrazas, Leo
Computer Systems Specialist
1-408-554-4006 contact form
Wang, Rong
Sr. Network Engineer (NTG)
1-408-551-7107 contact form