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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook


The University maintains a well-balanced program of intercollegiate and recreational sports and is a Division I member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the West Coast Conference (WCC).

Baumgartner, Dr. Renee
Director of Athletics
1-408-554-5344 contact form
Angus, Niall
Head Coach, Men's Tennis
1-408-554-4069 contact form
Bainbridge, Evan
Assistant Coach, Men's Rowing
1-408-554-4627 contact form
Bolio, Donna
Assistant to the Athletic Director
1-408-554-5344 contact form
Cabell, Ben
Head Coach, Women's Tennis
1-408-554-4885 contact form
Cardinal, Chad
Director, Ticket Sales and Service
1-408-554-2143 contact form
Carr, Bill
Head Coach, Women's Basketball
1-408-554-6988 contact form
Carrigan, Jake
Assistant Coach, Women's Rowing
1-408-554-4636 contact form
Castro, Donovan
Basketball Video Coordinator
1-408-554-4691 contact form
Chatlos, Deirdre
Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-408-554-5456 contact form
Collins, Sean
Associate Director, Media Relations
1-408-554-4659 contact form
Cushman, Pete
Associate Head Coach, Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track
1-408-554-4886 contact form
Dodd, Lisa
Head Coach, Softball
1-408-554-5393 contact form
Eisenmann, Kyle
Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance
1-408-554-4568 contact form
Farwell, Jay
Head Coach, Men's Rowing
1-408-554-4627 contact form
Fields, Peter
Senior Associate Athletic Director
1-408-554-7040 contact form
Filter, Rusty
Head Coach, Baseball
1-408-554-4882 contact form
Floyd, Michael
Associate Head Coach, Women's Basketball
1-408-554-4567 contact form
Gainey, Justin
Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
1-408-554-4692 contact form
Gentile, David
Digital Media Manager
1-408-554-4661 contact form
Gillingham, Tiffiny
Accounting Associate
1-408-554-6920 contact form
Golden, Jeremy
Director, Sports Performance
1-408-554-2263 contact form
Gray, Josh
Athletics Academic Advisor
1-408-551-3532 contact form
Gustafson, Staci
Senior Associate Athletic Director
1-408-554-6982 contact form
Harris, Zac
Assistant Director, Sports Performance
1-408-554-2115 contact form
Hebel, Sarah
Manager, Game Day Promotions
1-408-554-4066 contact form
Heiman, Cheryl
Director, Business Affairs
1-408-554-5552 contact form
Hodge, Julius
Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
1-408-554-4640 contact form
Holleman, Ryan
Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine
1-408-554-4065 contact form
Iwanaga, Kristin
Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
1-408-551-1788 contact form
Johnson, Cody
Assistant Athletic Director, Development
1-408-554-4050 contact form
Karcich, Jon
Assistant Coach, Baseball
1-408-554-4680 contact form
Karp, Joey
Associate Director, Media Relations
1-408-554-4670 contact form
Karr, Taelor
Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
1-408-554-6984 contact form
Kelly, Krystal
Head Coach, Women's Golf
1-408-554-5742 contact form
Kuwahara, Dana
Assistant Athletic Director, Academics
1-408-554-2264 contact form
Lee, Jaclyn
Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-408-554-6967 contact form
Lee, Crystal
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-408-551-1767 contact form
Lee, Julia
Manager, Game Day Promotions
1-408-551-1692 contact form
Lemings, Luke
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-408-551-3193 contact form
Linney, Claire
Assistant Coach, Water Polo
1-408-554-5745 contact form
Ludwig, Jason
Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
1-408-554-2339 contact form
Marchetti, Lane
Assistant Director, Facilities and Operations
1-408-554-2103 contact form
Martinez, Christina
Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-5045 contact form
McAlister, Curtis
Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer
1-408-554-4624 contact form
Medina, Bob
Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Performance
1-408-554-4063 contact form
Mendoza, Chris
Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations
1-408-554-1804 contact form
Miller, Rob
Head Coach, Men's Golf
1-408-554-5741 contact form
Mitchell, Jeffrey
Senior Associate Athletic Director
1-408-551-1782 contact form
Montoro, Felipe
Head Coach, Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track
1-408-554-4688 contact form
Moreno, Jesse
Ticket Sales and Service Consultant
1-408-554-4628 contact form
Murphy, Gregg
Associate Head Coach, Women's Soccer
1-408-554-2713 contact form
Neilson, George
Director, Men's Basketball Operations
1-408-554-4566 contact form
Nestor, Shawn
Assistant Athletic Director, Media Relations
1-408-554-2114 contact form
Perez-Pringle, Ben
Assistant Director, Sports Medicine
1-408-551-3575 contact form
Pinschmidt, Matthew
Head Coach, Women's Rowing
1-408-554-4636 contact form
Poblete, Ian
Manager, Bronco Bench Foundation
1-408-554-5577 contact form
Preach, Stephanie
Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball
1-408-554-2323 contact form
Rast, Cameron
Head Coach, Men's Soccer
1-408-554-4784 contact form
Reed, Carl
Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Administration & Student Services
1-408-551-3194 contact form
Sarachan, Ian
Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer
1-408-554-4003 contact form
Sendek, Herb
Head Coach, Men's Basketball
1-408-554-4031 contact form
Shahmirzadi, Sean
Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-408-551-1767 contact form
Shepherd, Mary
Event Coordinator, BBF
1-408-554-7042 contact form
Siegal, Sara
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-408-554-5456 contact form
Smith, Jerry
Head Coach, Women's Soccer
1-408-554-6989 contact form
Taylor, Tyler
Associate Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
1-408-554-2104 contact form
Tomlinson, Alisa
Director, Business Affairs
1-408-554-5552 contact form
Ursone, John
Associate Athletic Trainer
1-408-554-5586 contact form
Volta, Casey
Director, Women's Basketball Operations
1-408-554-5018 contact form
Vyas, Ajay
Director, Men's Soccer Operations
1-408-551-1971 contact form
Wallace, Jon
Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
1-408-554-6981 contact form
Weekes, Rusty
Associate Athletic Director, Bronco Bench Foundation
1-408-554-7846 contact form
Wilbur, Keith
Head Coach, Men's & Women's Water Polo
1-408-554-5745 contact form
Yamamoto, Eric
Associate Head Coach, Men's Soccer
1-408-551-1988 contact form
Zamora, Drew
Assistant Athletic Director, External Relations
1-408-551-3329 contact form
Assistant Director, Sports Medicine
Assistant Coach, Baseball
Assistant Coach, Baseball
Director, Baseball Operations
Assistant Coach, Softball
Director, Women's Soccer Operations