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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Business School Dean's Office

Barrón Silva, Elizabeth
Senior Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
1-408-554-4523 contact form
Beck-Dudley, Caryn
1-408-554-4523 contact form
Dawson, David
Business School Web Coordinator
1-408-554-5290 contact form
Mains, Bill
Director, Sustainability and Leadership Development
1-408-554-5580 contact form
Masini, Marina
Office and Events Manager
Medal, Sarah
Senior Administrative Assistant, Finance and Administration
1-408-554-4474 contact form
Middleton, Bill
Director of Technology
1-408-554-4523 contact form
Quevedo, A'Dreana
Faculty and Operations Specialist
Reimer, Ali
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
1-408-551-3145 contact form
Strickland, Theresa
Assistant Dean of Marketing and Communications
1-408-554-4523 contact form
Wilcox, Emily
Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Dean's Office Relations
1-408-554-5297 contact form