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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Campus Ministry

Moral and religious counseling, liturgies, retreats, related activities.

Santana, Lulu
1-408-554-4372 contact form
Bonini, Sarah
Sr. Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4372 contact form
Garoutte, Alexander
Campus Minister, CLC
Lemus, Victor
Campus Minister, Retreats
1-408-551-3431 contact form
Reyes, John Michael
Campus Minister, Sacramental Formation
1-408-554-2797 contact form
Santos, Julia Claire
Campus Minister, Graduate Student Ministry
1-408-554-2796 contact form
Schultz, Greg
Campus Minister, Music and Liturgy
1-408-554-6924 contact form
Smith, Matt
Associate Director of Campus Ministry
1-408-554-4372 contact form