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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Hanson, Kirk
Executive Director
1-408-554-7898 contact form
McLean, Margaret
Associate Director and Director of Bioethics
1-408-554-5319 contact form
Raicu, Irina
Director, Internet Ethics
1-408-551-1814 contact form
Schulman, Miriam
Associate Director/Chief Operating Officer
1-408-554-5116 contact form
Callaghan, Hana
Director, Government Ethics
1-408-551-7046 contact form
DeCosse, David
Director of Campus Ethics Programs
1-408-554-5715 contact form
DeLong, Monica
Director of Operations
1-408-554-7893 contact form
Dirking, Jennifer
Senior Director, External Relations
1-408-551-6025 contact form
Green, Dr. Brian
Assistant Director, Campus Ethics
Hansen, Amy
Special Projects
1-408-554-4027 contact form
Harrington, Joan
Assistant Director, Social Sector Ethics
Jaffe-Pickett, Caroline
Assistant Director, Communications
1-408-551-3149 contact form
Kidron, Yael
Director of Character Education
Kostic, Tom
Senior Fellow, Character Education
Kozas, Anna
Bioethics Program Manager
1-408-554-5716 contact form
Lehrman, Sally
Senior Director, Journalism Ethics
1-650-728-8211 contact form
Leonetti, Leslie
External Relations Manager
1-408-551-3474 contact form
Mancuso, Fr. Anthony
Faith Formation
1-408-551-7049 contact form
McCauley, Kim
Character Education Manager
1-408-551-7049 contact form
Skeet, Ann
Senior Director, Leadership Ethics
1-408-554-5466 contact form
Tangdall, Sara
Business Ethics Program Coordinator
Vincent, Subramaniam
Project Manager, Trust Project
Yocam, Mr. Keith
Online Education Manager
1-408-551-3531 contact form
Zanger, Elliot
Website Manager