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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Executive Development Center

Robertson, Dr. Larry
Associate Dean, Executive Education
1-408-554-4681 contact form
Blumenson, John
Program Manager
1-408-554-2721 contact form
Crosby, Dee
Senior Director, Certificates and Certification
1-408-554-5305 contact form
DePietro, Juanita
Program Manager
1-408-554-5237 contact form
Green, Amanda
Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-2743 contact form
Perrin, Kristin
Director, Finance & Administration
1-408-554-5294 contact form
Sola, Dr. Jan
Senior Director, Custom Programs
1-408-554-2344 contact form
Santillan, Toni
Program Director, Certificate of Advanced Accounting & Proficiency (CAAP)
1-408-554-4522 contact form
Sims, Melissa
Program Director, Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI)
1-408-554-2187 contact form