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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

A new SCU Phonebook is coming soon. You can preview the new version, and give us your feedback about the new design.

Financial Aid Office

Scholarships, grants, work-study, loan information.

Merz, Nan
Dean of University Financial Aid Services
1-408-554-4007 contact form
Blanco, Stefani
Financial Aid Counselor
1-408-554-6991 contact form
Chin, Gerry
Senior Analyst
1-408-551-1968 contact form
Cimino, Olivia
Loan Coordinator
1-408-554-5785 contact form
Gan, Sharon
Senior Associate Director of Operations
1-408-554-6949 contact form
Ingraham, Brittany
Financial Aid Representative
1-408-551-1875 contact form
Loftus, Raye
Financial Aid Counselor
1-408-551-1938 contact form
Lopez, Patricia
Director, Student Loans
1-408-554-5289 contact form
Marchewka, Alexander
Senior Financial Aid Systems Specialist
1-408-551-3136 contact form
Ramirez, Sandra
Loan Analyst
1-408-554-5005 contact form
Romero-Herrera, Azucena
Financial Aid Advisor
1-408-551-1000 contact form
Samaniego, Sofi
Senior Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4007 contact form
Tirado, Cindy
Senior Associate Director of Packaging
1-408-554-4080 contact form
Senior Financial Aid Counselor