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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

Academic Technology

Academic Technology (formerly known as Media Services) supports and facilitates the application of media technology and non-print media resources to support and enhance teaching, learning, scholarship, and administrative services, as well as other campus activities and events.

Cutler, Nancy
Deputy CIO for Academic Technology
1-408-554-4915 contact form
Bennett, Joel
Manager, Media Systems Group
1-408-554-5468 contact form
Brewer, Robert
PC Specialist
1-408-554-4379 contact form
Dair, Willis
Senior Network Engineer
1-408-554-4581 contact form
Erskine, Philip
PC Specialist
1-408-554-4504 contact form
Escobar-Ochoa, Teri
Head of Technology Training
1-408-554-5430 contact form
Hays, Adam
PC Specialist
1-408-554-6929 contact form
Kemp, Jeremy
Online/Hybrid Learning Specialist
Kennedy, Sean
Senior Media Systems Specialist
Lau, I Lung
Media Systems Specialist
Maloney, Daniel
1-408-554-4581 contact form
Mills, Elwood
Computer Graphics/Photography
1-408-554-6903 contact form
Nichols, John
Senior Technology Analyst
1-408-554-4581 contact form
Nulk, Christopher
Database Admin Programmer
1-408-554-4581 contact form
Servedio, Pat
PC Specialist
1-408-554-4039 contact form
Savellano, Raymond
Technical Support Specialist
Larkin, Brian
Sr. Instructional Technology Resource Specialist
Malmquist, Lai-San
Manager,Technical Support Services
1-408-551-1765 contact form
Palacios, Jesse
Supervisor Technology Help Desk
1-408-554-5706 contact form
Pehanich, Tony
Senior Web Application Developer
1-408-551-6009 contact form
Peranda, Grantis
Technical Support Specialist
Ramos, Marc
Sr. Technology Training Specialist
1-408-554-5014 contact form
Ri, Joo Yeon
Senior Instructional Technology Resource Specialist
1-408-551-1863 contact form
Schubring, Jackie
Senior Media Systems Specialist
Soria Monasterio, Jose de Jesus
Sr. Media Systems Specialist
Washburn, Brian
1-408-551-1993 contact form