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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook


Wellness Center1-408-554-4409 Web site
Women's and Gender Studies1-408-554-4461 Web site
Writing Center: HUB1-408-551-3286


Wade, Cory
Senior Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4952
Wade, Steven
Dean's Executive Professor
contact form 1-408-551-5458
Wait-Kromm, Nancy
Associate Professor/Voice
contact form 1-408-554-4425
Walden, Byron
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-7868
Walker, Niles
Professor of Practice
contact form 1-408-554-4029
Wallace, Jon
Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
contact form 1-408-554-6981
Wallace, Mike
Associate Vice President for Development
contact form 1-408-554-4981
Walsh, Kelly
Assistant Director, Career Management
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x6168
Walton, Victoria
Laboratory Assistant
contact form 1-408-551-1882
Wampler, Katie
Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4443
Wang, Erheng
Adjunct 1-408-554-4937
Wang, Jeremy
University Advisor
contact form 1-408-554-4318
Wang, Sherry
Faculty 1-408-554-5196
Wang, Ph.D., Yuan
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-551-3026
Warner, Keith D. , O.F.M.
Director, Education and Action Research
contact form 1-408-554-4769
Warren, Graeme
Lecturer 1-408-551-3467
Warren, Robert D.
Vice President Emeritus
contact form 1-408-554-4194
Washburn, Brian
contact form 1-408-551-1993
Waters, Michelle
Web Designer
contact form 1-408-554-5197
Watson, Cary
contact form 1-408-554-5743
Watson, Cary
Instructor 1-408-554-5743
Watt, Chris
Director, Utilities
contact form 1-408-554-4905
Waziri, Laila
Development Research Program Coordinator
contact form 1-408-551-3478
Weber, Chris P.
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-7869
Weber, Steph
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
contact form 1-408-551-3438
Webster, Paige
Asst Director, Student & Young Alumni Programs 1-408-554-6955
Weekes, Rusty
Associate Athletic Director, Executive Director, Bronco Bench Foundation
contact form 1-408-554-7846
Weerasinghe, Sobha
Assistant Teacher
contact form 1-408-554-4771
Weiner, Mark
Professor of Practice 1-408-551-3000 x6684
Weller, Jennifer
Associate Director, Residence Life
contact form 1-408-551-3139
Welsby, Simon D.J.
Executive Director, Development 1-408-551-3551
Welsh, Bruce
HRIS Specialist
contact form 1-408-551-1985
Wemp, Chris
Program Manager for Innovations in Catholic Education program (ICE) 1-408-551-1933
Wentz, Carole
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4527
Wenzel Sandoval, Danielle
Senior Associate Director
contact form 1-408-554-4720
Westermark, George
Professor Emeritus
contact form 1-408-554-2794
Whalen, Michael
Knight-Ridder/San Jose Mercury News Endowed Professor, Professor
contact form 1-408-551-7052
Wheeler, Korin
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4310
Wheeler, Thomas
contact form 1-408-554-1907
White, Charles
contact form 1-408-551-1972
White, Jonathan
Marketing and Community Relations Manager 1-408-554-5503
White, Steve
Mentor Network Director, GSBI
contact form 1-408-551-4762
Whitfield, Lisa C.
contact form 1-408-551-3000 x7190
Whiting, Sheli
Record Analyst - Transfer Evaluation
contact form 1-408-554-4754
Whittall, Justen
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4808
Wibeto, Shane
Director of Engineering Undergraduate Programs 1-408-554-4468
Wick, David
Director of Study Abroad
contact form 1-408-551-1959
Wigmore, Gregory
Adjunct Lecturer 1-408-551-3403
Wilbur, Keith
Head Coach, Men's & Women's Water Polo
contact form 1-408-554-5745
Wilcox, Allan
Term Lecturer
contact form 1-408-554-4799
Wilcox, Emily
Senior Director, External and Alumni Relations
contact form 1-408-554-5297
Wildman, Stephanie
contact form 1-408-554-5350
Willemsen, Eleanor W
contact form 1-408-554-4493
Williams, Glenn
Adjunct 1-408-554-4061
Williams, Heidi
Director of Communications 1-408-554-5303
Williams, Linda
Development Service Associate, Demographics
contact form 1-408-551-6069
Williams, Nathan
contact form 1-408-554-4312
Williams, S.J., George
Adjunct Lecturer in Pastoral Theology
contact form 1-510-549-5009
Willis, Aaron
Adjunt Lecturer 1-408-554-4129
Wilson, Amanda
Assistant Watch Commander
contact form 1-408-551-7135
Wilson, Ph.D., Sarah Kate
Associate Professor 1-408-554-6865
Wofford, Tobias
Assistant Professor
contact form 1-408-551-3349
Woitte, Austin
Technical Specialist 1-408-554-3552
Woitte, Stephanie
Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-4037
Woitte, Valerie
Senior Administrative Assistant
contact form 1-408-554-6830
Wojcik, Justin
Resident Director - Loyola
contact form 1-408-554-5153
Wojtkiewicz, John
Head Coach, Women's Rowing
contact form 1-408-554-4636
Wolf Servatius, Shelly
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
contact form 1-510-549-5050
Wong, Jenny
Records Coordinator of International Student Services
contact form 1-408-551-3018
Wong, Lianna
Senior Laboratory Instructor
contact form 1-408-551-1628
Wong, Lori
contact form 1-408-554-5771
Wood, Michael , Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
contact form 1-408-554-4501
Wood, Ph.D., Sally
Professor 1-408-554-4058
Woodcock, Brent
Lab Manager 1-408-554-4120
Woodward, Christine
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean 1-408-554-5417
Woodward, William
Senior Fellow
contact form 1-408-554-4757
Woolley, Jennifer
Associate Professor
contact form 1-408-554-4685
Woytowitz, Peter
Adjunct 1-408-554-4937
Wright, Eric
contact form 1-408-554-4353