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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

A new SCU Phonebook is coming soon. You can preview the new version, and give us your feedback about the new design.

Communication Department

Whalen, Michael
Chair, Professor (Knight-Ridder/San Jose Mercury News Endowed Professor)
1-408-551-7052 contact form
Bachen, Christine
Associate Professor
1-408-554-4921 contact form
Boren, Dr. Justin P
Associate Professor
1-408-551-7057 contact form
Cheng, Hsin-I
Associate Professor
1-408-554-4042 contact form
Chopra, Rohit
Associate Professor
1-408-551-3221 contact form
Creason-Valencia, Tricia
1-408-551-3335 contact form
Davis, Lisa
1-408-551-6044 contact form
Ellingson, Laura L
Professor of Communication and Women's & Gender Studies
1-408-551-7056 contact form
Eriksson, Amy
1-408-551-1915 contact form
Heintz, Katharine
Senior Lecturer
1-408-551-3222 contact form
Ishak, Andrew
1-408-551-7066 contact form
Jaich, Melan
Lecturer, Debate/Forensics & Internship Program
1-408-554-4793 contact form
Kelley, Barbara
Senior Lecturer
1-408-554-2158 contact form
Kratz, Charlotta
1-408-551-7864 contact form
Opper, Nicole
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-4920 contact form
Otero, Helen
Department Office Manager/SAA
1-408-554-5498 contact form
Raphael, Charles
1-408-554-4516 contact form
Reese, Emily
Digital Filmmaking Lab Instructor
1-408-551-3688 contact form
Sarkar, Sreela
Assistant Professor
1-408-551-3223 contact form
Silva, Fernando
Instructional Technology/Ops Support
1-408-554-2395 contact form
Soukup, S.J., Paul
Professor (Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Professor)
1-408-554-4022 contact form
Sunwolf, .
1-408-554-4911 contact form
Thai, Chan
Assistant Professor
Young, Gordon
Senior Lecturer
1-408-551-1890 contact form