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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

University Operations

Shay, Christopher
Assistant Vice President for University Operations
1-408-551-1606 contact form
Akerland, Donald
Director, Planning & Projects
1-408-554-4743 contact form
Beltran, Philip
Director, Campus Safety Services
1-408-554-4161 contact form
Cajigas, David
Director, Business Services
1-408-554-5293 contact form
Charles, Jeffrey
Director, Facilities
Collins, Sean
Director, Environment, Health and Safety
1-408-554-5078 contact form
Hylkema, Linda
Director, Cultural Resources Management/Campus Archaeologist
1-408-554-4513 contact form
Kalkbrenner, Lindsey
Director, Sustainability
1-408-554-2369 contact form
Smith, Toby
Director, Utilities
Morales, Lourdes
Senior Administrative Assistant - Planning and Projects
1-408-554-4987 contact form
Roman, Cathleen
Administrative Associate
1-408-554-4730 contact form
Brown, Jennifer
Senior Administrative Assistant
Woitte, Austin
Technical Specialist