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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

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Theatre and Dance, Department of

Popalisky, David
Department Chair, Associate Professor/Modern, Choreography, Dance History
1-408-554-4043 contact form
Billingslea, Aldo
Professor/Acting and Performance Studies
1-408-554-5578 contact form
Bracco, Jeffrey
Lecturer/History and Directing
1-408-554-4669 contact form
Connell, Karyn
Lecturer/Ballet and Pilates
1-408-554-4645 contact form
Duarte, Derek
Sr. Lecturer/Lighting Designer
1-408-554-4014 contact form
Enos, Jerald
Associate Professor/Scenic Designer
1-408-554-4079 contact form
Fraser, Barbara
Professor/Dramaturgy, Directing & History
1-408-551-1845 contact form
Hill, Kimberly
Associate Professor/Acting and Voice
1-408-551-1870 contact form
Kusanovich, Kristin
Sr. Lecturer/Modern Dance, Theatre & Pedagogy
1-408-554-5542 contact form
Kanter, Pauline
Lecturer/Jazz and Tap
1-408-554-7816 contact form
Mikusko, Ruth E.
Office Manager
1-408-554-4989 contact form
Murray, Barbara
Professor/ Costume Designer/ Director of Musical Theatre Program
1-408-554-4599 contact form
Ness, Patricia
Lecturer/Costume Shop Manager
1-408-551-1696 contact form
Steiner, Robert
Theatre Technician
1-408-554-5198 contact form
Sword, David
Sr. Lecturer/Technical Director/Production Manager
1-408-554-6963 contact form
Thorstenson, Brian
Lecturer/Playwriting and Devised Theater
1-408-551-3111 contact form
Zampelli, S.J., Michael
Associate Professor/History and Performance Studies
1-408-554-2175 contact form
Munday, Virginia
Adjunct Lecturer/Modern Dance
1-408-554-2177 contact form