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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

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Art and Art History Department

Pappas, Andrea
Chair 2018-2021 / Associate Professor
1-408-551-1848 contact form
Aoki, Kathy
1-408-551-1954 contact form
Billingslea, Renee
Senior Lecturer
1-408-554-6915 contact form
Carrington, Ryan
1-408-554-5330 contact form
Clydesdale, Heather
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-551-3350 contact form
DeMaria, Blake
Harold and Edythe Toso Professor
1-408-554-5482 contact form
Detweiler, Robert
1-408-554-5515 contact form
Eastburn, Jessica
1-408-554-6916 contact form
Ebtehaj, Roya
Inclusive Excellence Post-MFA Fellow
1-408-554-3349 contact form
Fritz, Donald
Associate Professor
1-408-551-1779 contact form
Grieb, Mitch
Senior Administrative Assistant
1-408-554-4594 contact form
Hedges, Andrew
Laboratory & Facilities Manager
1-408-554-6886 contact form
Jimenez, Pancho
Senior Lecturer
1-408-551-7169 contact form
Li, Qiuwen
Assistant Professor
1-408-554-6954 contact form
Maxwell, Kathleen
1-408-554-4407 contact form
Moro, Takeshi
Associate Professor
1-408-554-4490 contact form
Morris, Kate
1-408-554-5509 contact form
Reynolds, Ryan
Associate Professor
1-408-554-4760 contact form
Smith, Brian
Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-551-3640 contact form
Sridharan, Shriya
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-551-3648 contact form
Vivrette, Leticia Rios
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
1-408-554-4486 contact form