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Into the Wild

Into The Wild is a chartered student organization at Santa Clara University that provides students with opportunities to get off campus and explore California?s wilderness. Every week we organize trips for all skill levels that include hiking, backpacking, snow camping, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, surfing and more. We aim to promotehealthy, sober fun while encouraging education in environmentally sustainable practices. Join us next year to experience what it means to go wild here at Santa Clara! Our Mission: Into The Wild is dedicated to introducing SCU students to the astonishing beauty of California?s wilderness through outdoor excursions. Into The Wild strives to enhance the lives of students through meaningful interaction while also enhancing life on earth, through environmentally conscious thought and endeavors.

Leither, Nicholas
CSI Advisor
1-408-554-4745 contact form
Linares, Christian
1-408-554-1907 contact form