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Faculty and StaffUniversity Phonebook

A new SCU Phonebook is coming soon. You can preview the new version, and give us your feedback about the new design.

Alumni Relations

Kale, Kathryn
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
1-408-554-5021 contact form
Alderete, Megan
Assistant Director, Social Media and Career Networking
1-408-551-3155 contact form
Bonini, Sarah
Assistant Director, Service and Spirituality
1-408-554-5120 contact form
Brotherton, Melissa
Associate Director, Operations and Finance
1-408-551-3450 contact form
Giannotta, Rachaella
Sr. Assistant Director, Events
1-408-554-4888 contact form
McChesney, Alma
Customer Service Manager
1-408-554-5391 contact form
Muscat, Maureen
Associate Director, Events
1-408-554-5479 contact form
Neilan, Paul
Sr. Associate Director
1-408-554-5388 contact form
Plaza, Zachary
Assistant Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-551-7074 contact form
Redmond, Audrey
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
1-408-554-7865 contact form
Reyes, Juan C.
Finance and Data Specialist
1-408-554-5115 contact form
Sullivan, Jennifer
Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-554-5085 contact form
von Massenhausen, Maria
Associate Director, Chapters & Groups
1-408-554-5004 contact form